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Build 2539
Main package:
Patch (r2623M):
Patch (r2539-3M):


Patch r2601 changelog

Patch r2539-3 changelog

Mon Apr 12, 2010 8:18 pm
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Old Versions

Build 28:
Main site:
Mirror: ...

Build 29:
This one just fixes the graphical issues present in build 28.
The razor wire is fixed, and also the volt rifle has a few "holes" plugged up.

Main site:
Mirror: ...

Thanks to my super suck SVN skills, I forgot to include the .flac sounds in version 29. This is a hotfix to fix that - server hosts are asked to host this file alongside the main build:
Main site:
Mirror: ...

Build 96:
Main Site:
Mirror: Not yet available

- Added experience bonuses for Utility and Technician classes when using the repair gun [Eruanna]
- Building health is now color coded [Eruanna]
- MANY various map changes and fixes by Wartorn, Morpheus, Eruanna, and Metalhead - too many to list here! (flattened skies, texture fixes, balance changes, building improvements, spawn clipping issues, etc)
- Added secret room near Red base on AOW06, similar to existing room near Blue base. [Eruanna]
- Moved apart team selection rooms to prevent utility exploits [Metalhead/Eruanna]
- Removed player 1 spawns to force all maps to play as teamgame [Wartorn/Eruanna]
- Buildings no longer require "sv_nomonsters false" to spawn properly. [Eruanna]
- Stealth troopers/snipers no longer start out stealthed. [Eruanna/Cyber/Voltlock]
- When resigning your class, you keep your superweapon (Nuke/Ion Cannon), and no longer get refunded for it [Eruanna]
- Team balance has changed. Players who have more seniority will keep their teams - newcoming players will be forced to switch, and will not require death to do so.
- The script automatically sets item respawn dmflags now. [Eruanna]
- Adv Mechs can no longer be researched if mechs are disabled. [Eruanna]
- Changed default "aow_credflow" to 4. [Eruanna]
- "aowhelp" no longer activates for every player. [Tiger]
- Insanity now keeps his health upon rank-up. [Eruanna/Voltlock]
- Software sandbags sprite fixed [Eruanna]
- Utility gun exploit fixed - when switching utility guns, you will lose your charge. [Eruanna]
- Many sounds are now compressed as FLAC. [Eruanna]
- Made the existing Tiberium rifle wide-screen compatible. [Wartorn]
- Redrew new hud sprites for superweapon beacons. Removes CNC Renegade hands and puts Doomguy hands in place of it. [Wartorn]
- Server will no longer "say" messages every 1-2 minutes - this annoyed some people. [Eruanna]
- Advanced Tiberium Harvester will now start with a full machine gun. [Eruanna]
- Fixed up surrender script a little bit. [Voltlock]
Build 118:
Main site:
Mirror: ...

Changelog: (07 Mar 2010)
- (AOW03) Removed second tunnels to the rear of each base, now there's only one extra tunnel to each base [Metal]
- Fixed Obelisk terminals in all maps [Metal]
- Replaced Time Freeze with a Time Cop Gun [Eruanna]
- Team Balance will now only affect new players, players who have been in game more than 2 minutes (default, changable with "aow_teamstaytime") will not be switched. [Eruanna]
- Added a wall in front of blue's and red's bases in AOW06 [Metal]
- Balance changes, increased mass driver damage, and decreased laser chaingun damage [Eruanna]
- Fixed texture alignments in AOW02 [Morpheus,Metal]
- Fixed impassable lines in AOW02 [Metal]
- Increased experience gain even more for repairing, for all classes. [Eruanna]
- Fixed HOMs in AOW07 [Morpheus]
- Implemented team-based fake crates. Your team mates will no longer fall prey to your own crates. [Eruanna,Voltlock]
- Plasma cannon limiting is now effective. [Eruanna]
* "aow_plasmapurchasedelay" (in minutes) controls how long a player must wait to buy a new cannon. -1 disables wait.
* "aow_maxcannonsperteam" controls how many players per team can have a plasma cannon. -1 disables limit. Note that players can exceed the limit by picking up plasma cannons off the ground or crates, but they will be counted toward the team's total if they do.
* Also limited (not removed) the chance that a plasma cannon would spawn on enemy death. This is to make an exploit where a player would buy a bunch of plasma cannons and keep suiciding to supply his team less viable.
- Insane players can no longer use mechs. [Eruanna]
- Added fake crate limit. [Eruanna]
- Fixed Software sandbag sprites... again [Eruanna]

Build 141: (09 Mar 2010)
Main site: (Hotfix required, see below)
Mirror 1: (Hotfix required, see below)
Mirror 2: ... (Hotfix required, see below)

Hotfix 1:
Main site: ...
Mirror 1:
Mirror 2: ...
Attention server operators: Please set "sv_website" to "" or "" - if you do not do this, clients might not download both required files! (Note: Wadseeker and Getwad will both work fine with this setting.)

- Fixed impassable line in aow02 [Metal]
- Balance changes on crates: They are now destructible (like razor wire), and are limited to 15 per base [Eruanna]
- Changed AOW11's music to 'Drill', per original map author's request
- Fixed "AOW11 : Missing texture or wall" [Metal]
- Fixed homs in AOW07 and AOW06 [Metal]
- (AOW06) Took lamps out that were out of place. Added backpacks and health to both base blockers. [Metal]
- Many effects are now client-sided, hopefully reducing network traffic greatly. [Eruanna]
- Removed "joined after x tics" notice (only appeared in server logs, and it's now outlived its purpose) [Eruanna]
- Removed AOW10 completely. [Eruanna]
- Fixed some texture alignment issues in AOW06 [Eruanna]
- Re-enabled the Biohazard and Bomb crates [Eruanna]
- New server-settable cvar "aow_suddendeathtime" - defaults to 60. Must be at least 5. [Eruanna]

Hotfix 141-1: (09 Mar 2010)
- Chem/Fire corpses should no longer persist on clients after death. This was due to something in +NONETID that I was not aware about previously. [Eruanna]
Build 208: (16 Mar 2010)
Main site:
Mirror 1:
Mirror 2: Not yet available

- Fixed the highest part of the refineries where people could get up. Made lines impassable. [Metal]
- Fixed more impassable lines in AOW02 [Metal]
- Tiberium no longer bounces you around when you're near it [Eruanna]
* More client-side actor changes and fixes [Eruanna]
* Fixed VOLX sprite alignments. [Eruanna]
- Buildings can no longer be repaired during Sudden Death [Metal]
* Added more mass to fake crates. [Eruanna]
* Deleted mech sprite PNG files, replaced them with source lump files from Sigma3Dev. [Eruanna]
- Changed Resign terminal to orange [Eruanna]
- Updated Eggbert's map, AOW11, to his changes. Made a few fixes and adjustments. [Eruanna]
- When testing in singleplayer, respwaning like multiplayer is now allowed. [Eruanna]
- Added a new building color coding system - buildings will now show their team color only if they're alive. If they're destroyed, they turn grey. [Eruanna]
* Fixed - Ion cannon beacon should now be kept on resign. [Eruanna]
* Gave Chemical Proof the ability to resist (not completely ignore) the biohazard crate. [Eruanna]
* Fixes to the donation system:
1) Non-teammates will no longer appear on the donation menu.
2) You should be able to cycle through all available players now, even if one leaves the game.
3) It should be quicker to respond when cycling through players.
* All non-flying mechs will now enforce a no-fly property when used. This is to prevent the jump-jet exploit where you could fly with a mech using a jump-jet gun. [Eruanna]
* Stopped the obelisk from shooting dead bodies. [Eruanna]
* Fixed: Health/Ammo regen cache destruction should now appropriately stop health or ammo regen. [Eruanna]
- Super Shotgun is now 75% as effective as before. [Eruanna]
* Obelisk and Plasma Cannons no longer make global sounds. [Eruanna]
- Added extra tib fields to 01, 05 and 08 [Metal]
- Fixed step that mechs had trouble getting up in aow02 [Metal]
* Fixed: Adv Tiberium Harvester now starts with machine gun ammo. [Eruanna]

Build 450
Main site:
Mirror 1:
Mirror 2: Not yet available

- Fixed texture misalignment in Aow11 on the red research center [Metal]
- New Flamethrower sprites. Maybe I'll do similar ones for the Chemical guy, but eh I'm tired right now. Maybe later, once I finish the other ones. [Wartorn]
- Increased roll-off distance of the Obelisk, so that it's easier to tell from farther away if you're about to be attacked by it. [Eruanna]
* Misc sprite fixes - mod should now be more software friendly overall [Eruanna]
* Fixed "Skin Exploit" - mech weapons should now no longer be possible to switch out of. The same applies for insanity. [Eruanna]
- Implemented a "gl_texture" check that disallows the use of the variable (a cheat against stealthies). [Eruanna]
- Exported the War Factor Hanger code, to 'TGRScript'. [Tiger]
- AOW11 : Missing texture or wall (problem is back) [Fixed - Metal]
- AOW11 : Tower's terminal Missing texture [Fixed - Metal]
- AOW06 : Walkway missing textures [Fixed - Metal]
- AOW02 : Orca can shoot buildings while being in the middle of the map [Fixed, added blocks - Metal]
- [19:40] <@Eruanna> aow02 - 5079,2792 - line needs marked impassible [Fixed - Metal]
- Fixed tunnels, where if tagged building "13" was destroyed, tunnels would tint red. [Metal]
- Forced XY billboarding on lava actors [Eruanna]
- Fixed missing textures, misplaced smoke stack and unaligned textures in AOW09 [Metal]
- Fixed various missing textures, misaligned textures, and other map bugs AOW11 [Metal]
- Removed the bars from aow03 that prevented access to the side tiberium fields with a player limit below 8. [Metal]
- When shooting in stealth, your ammo no longer goes down at an unusual rate. [Eruanna]
* When getting the insanity crate while in stealth, you will no longer restealth after getting hurt. [Eruanna]
- Added ability for spectators to teleport infield - the command for this is 'spectatorteleport' [Eruanna]
* Redundancy fixes to Mechs and Insanity to ensure no flight or stealth can be used with either. [Eruanna]
* Made Jumpjet properties force flight based on whether fuel was being depleted or regenerated. [Eruanna]
* Fixed no-ammo issue with flashbang. [Eruanna]
* Made flashbang sprite disappear if player was not carrying one. [Eruanna]
- Utility guy can no longer build mechs if aow_mechs is 0. [Eruanna]
- Fixed some awkward slopes on AOW09 [Morpheus]
- Moved the bombardment out of the main project and into its own project. It can be worked on later, but for now it's out of the main Omega distribution. [Eruanna]
- Doors are now activated with bumping. Tired of spamming doors? Just run into them now, like Quake - they'll open. [Eruanna]
- Replaced "mad2" sprite set [Eruanna]
- Increased cost of grenade soldier to $750 [Eruanna]
- Turned Biohazard/Firestorm crates into bomb crates [Eruanna]
- Reimported old Terminator sprites - will hopefully get Juggernauts into player colors? (possible future project) [Eruanna]
- Getting a mech now removes the time-cop/stealth-trooper invisibility effect. [Eruanna]
* Fixed the hud-weapon-stay for mechs and insanity. Special thanks to <Minigunner> for the suggestion for the fix! [Eruanna/Minigunner]
* Time gun now enforces 1.0 translucency in the ready state - should fix some mech bugs. [Eruanna]
- Time gun also now only makes you half-translucent when used. [Eruanna]
- Tiberium harvesters have changed. 1 crystal now nets 3 times the reward, but crystals are now undroppable. [Eruanna]
* MAPSPOTS are now used to indicate the direction of thrust leaving the war factory. They must be assigned the correct TID to work. (6000, 6001) [Tiger]
* Sniper rifle/laser now enforces destealth if ammo is regenerating [Eruanna]
- You will no longer get experience for repairing buildings from the outside. This is to fix an exploit which allowed for easy level-ups. [Eruanna]
- When force team switched, you now lose invisibility and flight. [Eruanna]
- Proxy C4's should no longer detonate in the presence of Tiberium [Eruanna]
- Removed shit from flamethrower. [Wartorn]
- Added brighter colormap for Software users. This should even the playing field for those playing in Software mode against OpenGL players. [Eruanna]
- Fixed: Hanger door would not close, even if the LINEDef trigger was tripped legally. [Tiger]
- Added: Assurance scripts (900) and (901).  These are SPECIFICALLY for patching problems the hanger if user disconnects or spectates. [Tiger]
- Made static ambient tiberium sound actor invisible [Eruanna]
- Fixed some smoke stacks that were off to the side [Metal]
- Fixed some passable linedefs that weren't supposed to be accessible in AOW03 [Metal]
- Added Ambient sounds for tib fields in all maps [Metal & Eruanna]
- Tiberium is now no longer 'stuck' in maps. [Metal]
- Fixed WF bug where it would turn red if the other base WF was destroyed [Metal]
* If two people build a mini-refinery at the same time, the game will no longer bug. Ummm, lucky bastards for getting that many out so quickly - there will be a bug fix for that later. [Eruanna]
- Fixed cliffs around obelisks/bases where you could use an orca to shoot straight to a building [Metal]
- Fixed texture misalignment on red refinery on AOW11 [Metal]

Build 521
Main site:
Mirror 1:

Hotfix 2
Main site: ...
Mirror 1:

- Fixed a minor mischange in one of the "Mechs disabled for this map" messages [Eruanna]
- Added a new Razor wire model. (Courtesy of Sitters) [Eruanna]
- Deleted: Expunged the old 'War Factory Hanger V1' code.  Old, buggy, and wacky.  Reverting the maps to the older code would take to much time; if reverting is needed, just merely emulate the older behavior. [Tiger]
- Change: Updated the ThrustThing behavior.  Players are thrusted by twenty tics, while the Machines are thrusted five more extra tics from the original thrusting.  The Machines need more of an aggressive thrusting, while the normal players only need so much. [Tiger]
- Fixed: Changed a comment when a user tries to open the door from the outside. [Tiger]
- Extra: The 'War Factory Hanger V2' code, now has a name!  It is sooo good, it MUST have a name! (Der Herzmachine <ENG: The Heart machine>) [Tiger]
- New Plasma Cannon sprites. [Minigunner]
- Fixed various map bugs [Metal]
- New Flashbang sprites [Minigunner]
- Fixed: Fixed an issue that causes a player to be telefragged before the player gets thrusted out of the hanger with a Machine. [Tiger]
- Fixed: Harvesting tiberium on both teams gives the same amount of experience now [Eruanna]
- Fixed: Accidentally doubled the firing rate of the stealth laser while in stealth mode. [Eruanna]
- Added new titlepic [Courtesy of Mariah]
- Added new music [Face the Enemy, from C&C Red Alert]
- Added new map [Hell's March, AOW12, by Mr. Freeze, revamped by Remmirath]
- Added new textures [Remmirath]
- Added new Skybox for AOW12 [Hazel Whorley, from Quake 3 Skyboxes pack]
- Fixed various misalignments [Metal, Eruanna]
- Changed AOW11's music from MP3 to OGG to save space [Eruanna]
- All maps are now converted to UDMF format. [Metal, Eruanna, Remmirath, Wartorn]
- Because of above, all doors can now be used as well as bumped. [Metal, Eruanna]
- Fixed untagged tiberium fields in AOW01, AOW08 [Eruanna]

[Hotfix 2]
- AOW12 war factories now take more damage externally [Eruanna]
- AOW12's blue refinery was bugged [Eruanna]
- Fixed a bug in AOW12 that sometimes caused credits not to be set. [Eruanna]
- Fixed some issues on AOW12. Also added a new texture for the tib fields. [Morpheus]
- Fixed slope homs on AOW05 [Metal]
- Buildings at 100% show a darker green color - this is to show they are undamaged compared to other buildings [Eruanna]
- AOW11 - critical fix - all buildings did not destroy themselves, when "destroyed" [Eruanna]
- Shrunk flashbang sprites [Minigunner]
- Added admin class, accessible only through RCON ('gamemaster #' where # = your IDX number) - This is ONLY for fixing in-game bugs while on a live server! This command can easily be abused, and if I hear lots of reports of such abuse, it will be removed. Please unalias if you use this command, and be careful whose server you use it on! [Eruanna]
- Added rcon teamswitch commands, which force players into other teams. ('forceblue #' or 'forcered #' where # = player's IDX number) This is especially useful for private games where you do not want the game to choose what teams you are on. [Eruanna]
- Credits/rank display updates less frequently now, to take up less bandwidth. [Eruanna]
- Fixed: Bases are no longer attackable to each other on AOW12 [Eruanna]
- Fixed: Bases are now inaccessible from each other on AOW12 [Eruanna]
- Fixed: Red structure death caused BSOD on Blue's plasma cannon screen when in fact, it was still functional, on AOW12. [Eruanna]

Build 646
Main site: (Music and Data released separately, to avoid needing to redownload all the music again if you got 641's already)
Mirror 1: Not yet available

- AOW12 war factories now take more damage externally [Eruanna]
- AOW12's blue refinery was bugged [Eruanna]
- Fixed a bug in AOW12 that sometimes caused credits not to be set. [Eruanna]
- Fixed some issues on AOW12. Also added a new texture for the tib fields. [Remmirath]
- Fixed slope homs in AOW05 [Metal]
- Buildings at 100% show a darker green color - this is to show they are undamaged compared to other buildings [Eruanna]
- AOW11 - critical fix - all buildings did not destroy themselves, when "destroyed" [Eruanna]
- Added admin class, accessible only through RCON ('gamemaster #' where # = your IDX number) - This is ONLY for fixing in-game bugs while on a live server! This command can easily be abused, and if I hear lots of reports of such abuse, it will be removed. [Eruanna]
- Added rcon teamswitch commands, which force players into other teams. ('forceblue #' or 'forcered #' where # = player's IDX number) [Eruanna]
- Credits/rank display updates less frequently now, to take up less bandwidth. [Eruanna]
- Fixed: Bases are no longer attackable to each other on AOW12 [Eruanna]
- Fixed: Bases are now inaccessible from each other on AOW12 [Eruanna]
- Fixed: Red structure death caused BSOD on Blue's plasma cannon screen when in fact, it was still functional, on AOW12. [Eruanna]
- Fixed rescenter steams on AOW12. [Remmirath]
- Added a few new decorations [Metal]
- Fixed: Ion cannon/Nuke beacon purchase works a little differently now. This should make the timer display more accurate. [Eruanna]
- Fixed: If sv_noteamswitch is not enabled, the team switch script will no longer activate. [Eruanna]
- Fixed: When going to spectator mode, you should now lose your credits and rank. This is to fix an exploit where a player logged in as admin keeps their million credits and commando rank. [Eruanna]
- Fixed: Surrender now works if there's less than 5 players on the team, however it will only work if greater than 50% of the team votes to surrender. If exactly 50% (i.e. 2 out of 4) the surrender will not work. [Eruanna]
- LRM missiles from Mini-Ravens and LRM turrets should be less laggy now. [Eruanna]
- Spawn room restrictions: Many weapons can no longer be used in the spawn room. This mostly involves weapons that do splash damage. [Eruanna]
- Many utility items are on spawn room deny [Eruanna]
- Random crate Juggernaut suits are not usable in the spawn room anymore. [Eruanna]
- Spawn room is now inaccessible to mechs (yes, one or two have found a way in) [Eruanna]
- Ejected mechs should no longer suffer disarm damage [Eruanna]
- Client-sided the other help script [Eruanna]
- Ammo/HP regen work if you join a game-in-progress and they're already built [Eruanna]
- Changed Admin script to "action 3" instead of "action 0", this is to dummy proof the console commands themselves. [Eruanna]
- Badly damaged ejected mechs should no longer go solid when left behind. This is to prevent players from getting stuck inside them. [Eruanna]
- Weapons should no longer switch on rank-up. [Eruanna]
- Gattling gun should now silence itself when not being used. [Eruanna]
- Hopefully fixed Juggernaut looping flamer sound [Eruanna]
- Fixed passable lines in some maps. [Metal]
- Fixed bad sector tags, where if the blue refinery was destroyed, the purchase terminal texture in all research centers would turn red. [Metal]
- Fixed a bug where Util was able to make a mech during a no-mechs game. [Eruanna]
- Flashbangs should no longer be 4 ammo if purchasing after refill [Eruanna]
- The player class will now actually check the floor instead of Z momentum when deciding whether to step or float [Eruanna]
- The All Out War 2 script is now open source. Thanks to VoltlocK for giving us permission to do this! [Eruanna]
- Grenade soldier price reduced to $400 once again. [Eruanna]
- Chemical and Phosphorous grenades have been removed. [Eruanna]
- Added AOW13, with a bunch of resources. "Lava Giant" by Eruanna, with revamps by Remmirath.
- Fixed WF MCT: part of the sector wasn't sloped. [Remmirath]
- Retextured caves with some CC4 textures. Moved the obelisks positions. [Remmirath]
- New PLAYPAL [Minigunner]
- Changes to AOW13 [Eruanna]
- Added tech lamps from Doom to exclude them from PLAYPAL changes. [Eruanna]
- Did a TEXTURES lump replacement for all terminal textures - they use the original patches but are now defined as 128x128 instead, to avoid issues with both Software and older card OpenGL renderers [Eruanna]
- Done some more variations and expansions to AOW12's caves. [Remmirath]
- DECORATE fixes, should be less laggy when nukes are used now [Eruanna]
- AOW12, AOW13 - Fixed various bugs with MCT's, sector tags, thing tags, textures, etc [Eruanna, Metal]
- Added new map, AOW10 "Space Camp" by Metalhead
- More texture alignment fixes on AOW06 [Eruanna]
- Main data file split into two parts: One is a 7zipped data file, the other is a regular ZIP-file music file. The new content from the added maps made this move virtually impossible to avoid - and we may even be compressing the music itself much further in the future, at quite a sacrifice of quality. [Eruanna]

- Made jumpjet gun inaccurrate when first fired. [Eruanna]
- Did some tweaks to the blue minicave in AOW12. [Remmirath]
- Fixed an exploit that could prevent the War Factory Hanger door from closing, and causing machines created in the hanger to hang in the process. [Tiger]
- Added missing tech lamp sprite [Eruanna]
- Unlagged script 100 of the AOW2 script, it now only updates once every 20 seconds unless something of significance happens. [Eruanna]
- Went back to pk3 format, but kept the music split

Build 681
Main site: ...
Mirror: ...


Uses build 641's music - no need to update the music

- Fixed Ticket Pool script, the status should now stay on the screen as it updates [Eruanna]
- Fixed Red plasma cannon line def in AOW10. [Metal]
- Utility gun sound no longer loops if doing an illegal activity in the spawn room. [Eruanna]
- Frag messages for both players and buildings should no longer happen if not initiated by a player. [Eruanna]
- It should now be impossible to achieve permanent stealth by firing the laser gun and switching weapons quickly. [Eruanna]
- The resign script now checks your team in determining whether to award an ion cannon or a nuke if you've had one previously - rather than the items themselves. This is to fix instances where you might be team switched carrying one, but then suddenly able to nuke your own base. [Eruanna]
- When resigning with insanity, you should now lose your weapons as well as insanity. This is to prevent a "dual-classing" exploit which was possible. [Eruanna]
- Buildings that are alive will now always show at least 1% health [Eruanna, Voltlock]
- When building a mini-refinery, the screen should update that it actually exists quicker. [Eruanna]
- Minor grammatical fix to "you already have flashbangs" message [Eruanna]
- When firing gauss, a red juggernaut will now leave a red/yellow railgun trail. [Eruanna]
- Updated grenadier statsheet [Eruanna]
- Since the HUD building health script now no longer uses bandwidth when building health is unchanged, it will now also update more frequently [Eruanna]
- Building health update should now be less redundant, and should only change if the percentage itself does. [Eruanna]
- When being forced to change team, the resign script should now always execute. This is to allow proper beacon changing. [Eruanna]
- Started working on a special "tournament mode" which disables certain things. [Eruanna]
- Mechs can now be disabled globally on a server through 'aow_disablemechs' [Eruanna]
- Added "TournamentMode" command for easily setting up the tournament. [Eruanna]

Build 731
Main site:


Uses build 641's music - no need to update the music

- Fixed Gameplay flaw on each side of AOW02. [Metal]
- Fixed various homs in AOW07 [Metal]
- Revamped AOW13 for both gameplay and framerate [Remmirath, Eruanna]
- Throwing tiberium now always eliminates it in the inventory. Thrown tiberium is still impure. [Eruanna]
- Client-side scripts can now keep track of who's machine they are running on. This will be useful for anti-AFK scripts. [Eruanna]
- Clients will now request building/ticket status updates on join. This will prevent the need of having to wait up to 20 seconds for the status to display. [Eruanna]
- When getting a base miracle, the building status should automatically update now. [Eruanna]
- Fixed Sky HOM's in GL compatibility mode in AOW12 and AOW13 [Eruanna]
- Added "WhoAmI" console command, which is player executable and explains which player number you are. This is the first command to use the new "ConsolePlayer" client-side variable. [Eruanna]
- Added item "HOMChecker" which can be used to check maps for HOM's. (Not particularly useful for gameplay) [Eruanna]
- Bots will no longer spawn with "unarmed" - this is only a work-around to force them to use other weapons. [Eruanna]
- Flashbangs and plasma cannons are no longer usable in the spawn room [Eruanna]
- Removed impact damage of fragmentation grenade - added some additional explosion damage. [Eruanna]
- Bazooka changes [Eruanna]
- Harvesters can no longer drop tiberium at all [Eruanna]
- AOW10 is now compatible with the War Factory code. [Tiger]

- Regular Bazooka (primary fire)
. Damage increased from 40 to 50
. Speed increased from 40 to 45
- Homing Bazooka (alt fire):
. Damage increased from 30 to 40
. Speed increased from 15 to 25
. Increased homing capability due to increased speed. This should not make it any more seeking than it was before, in fact it should be slightly less so due to the increased speed. Parameters for A_SeekerMissile changed from (8,10) to (8,15)

Build 767
Main site:


Hotfix: ...

Updated music file!

- Fixed trivial sector in AOW10 [Metal]
- Fixed hom - AOW05 [Metal]
- Fixed "Glowing" self heal arms [Metal]
- Mechs and insanity are now able to pickup items. This also allows the repair gun to be used on both. [Eruanna]
- Used "setfont" more frequently to prevent weird rank images randomly popping up on the screen. [Eruanna]
- Made the new admin console commands a little more error-proof and user-friendly [Eruanna]
- Welcome message is now shown in small font so it doesn't take up the entire screen [Eruanna]
- Blue repair facility checks to see if it was destroyed by a proper player before giving its award/penalty message [Eruanna]
- Added spawn room checking to War Factory and Research Centre, when either terminal is in use. [Eruanna]
- Fixed a bug where if you timed a resign just perfectly, the credits display would no longer function. This was caused by a removal of the "InGame" checker item in the insanity exploit fix, that the money script depended on. [Eruanna]
- Fixed a potential chance, that could cause the server to misfire, and allow another player to create a machine before the other gets thrusted out of the hanger. [Tiger]
- Spectators can no longer donate [Eruanna]
- New map - AOW14 - Canyon II. This map was made and submitted by Mariah, but has seen various adjustments by the team.
- When purchasing a mech, it should now be impossible to accidentally double-press the switch, costing you extra money. [Eruanna]
- Handlers in place for Tiberium Mechs. If a harvester is not the one using the mech, the tiberium is now destroyed on pickup. If picked up by a harvester mech, the harvester will be able to carry it as normal. [Eruanna]
- Mechs can now use Kamikaze. When a mech is fragged while carrying kamikaze, they will frag all nearby players and structures like regular players would. Note that insanity is NOT affected by this - a kamikaze insanity will still die quietly. [Eruanna]
- Removed skill levels. There is now only one skill level - "Normal" [Eruanna]
- Added new menu logo [Eruanna]

Hotfix 4:

- Resigning while under the effects of time cop should no longer keep a gold screen [Eruanna]
- Resigning will now remove flight and invisibility [Eruanna]
- Fixed gameplay flaw with obelisks in AOW14 [Metal]
- Fixed gameplay flaw where you could hit/destroy obelisks from far distant in caves [Metal]
- Beacons are no longer purchasable until the right amount of time has passed. This is hopefully to fix an exploit where beacons were always available later in the game, though admittedly this is a shot in the dark. [Eruanna]
- New console command: aow_beaconpurchasedelay - defaults to 5. [Eruanna]
- Homing rocket speed (Bazooka class/commando) reduced to 20, from 25 [Eruanna]
- Fixed AOW14 starting areas [Remmirath]

Build 834
Main site:
Mirror is not supported! The files on Fathax will work, but there will be errors! Please use the phenomer site.


- Homing rocket speed (Bazooka class/commando) reduced to 20, from 25 [Eruanna]
- Resigning while under the effects of time cop should no longer keep a gold screen [Eruanna]
- Resigning will now remove flight and invisibility [Eruanna]
- Fixed gameplay flaw with obelisks in AOW14 [Metal]
- Fixed gameplay flaw where you could hit/destroy obelisks from far distant in caves in AOW14 [Metal]
- Beacons are no longer purchasable until the right amount of time has passed. This is hopefully to fix an exploit where beacons were always available later in the game, though admittedly this is a shot in the dark. [Eruanna]
- New console command: aow_beaconpurchasedelay - defaults to 5. [Eruanna]
- Recopied starting areas from AOW12 to AOW14 [Remmirath]
- Fixed HOMs on obelisk (at least the biggest one) [Remmirath]
- Fixed bug that caused ions/nukes to do 0 damage on both res centers in AOW12, 13 and 14. [Metal]
- Fixed missing tex (AOW05) [Metal]
- Fixed Blue War factory homs in AOW14 [Eruanna]
- Split some sectors in AOW12 to hopefully get rid of a few HOM's [Eruanna]
- Split sectors in aow13 to help with the hom issues [Eruanna]
- AOW02: Commented out a map script that for some reason lowered some borders in the water causing some really irregular HOMs in those areas. [Wartorn]
- AOW04: Fixed a small HOM on Red side's big slope. [Wartorn]
- AOW09: Re-outfitted the watch tower so that the large medpacks don't clip into the randomly placed stair next to the window [Wartorn]
- AOW09: Patched up a potentially exploitable hole [Wartorn]
- Added AOW15: Oasis, by Minigunner
- AOW11: Re-outfitted various things around the map, so they would stop flickering into the walls [Wartorn]
- Added a double-press mitigator for the switches [Eruanna]
- AOW13: Shifted start rooms farther from main map [Remmirath]
- Fixed: Mechs should no longer be able to pick up other mechs. [Eruanna]
- Mechs and insanity are no longer allowed to get the juggernaut suit or insanity crate. [Eruanna]
- Extended "HighUpgrade" check to include insanity [Eruanna]
- Changed Bomb crate into suicide crate [Eruanna]
- Disallowed Utility building of fake crates, for now, since they're known to crash the server [Eruanna]
- AOW12: Moved red tib fields [Remmirath]
- Researches now grant experience [Eruanna]
- Stealth troopers are no longer drawn on the screen when they are stealthed. This was done due to certain buggy OpenGL implementations that did not properly support transparency - thereby allowing certain players to fully see players who were originally supposed to be stealthed. [Eruanna]
- Fixed LineDef triggers on aow14.wad. [Tiger]
- Re-assured 'Der Herzmachine code' Compatibility on AOW11.wad. [Tiger]
- Added easter egg for AOW12 [Eruanna]
- Players should no longer be able to telefrag each other [Eruanna]
- Fixed instance where the PLayer teleport start in obelisk could telefrag the obelisk (Fixed in all maps) [Metal]
- BeaconItem no longer acts as a weapon - but is a CustomInventory item that gives you your beacon right away. [Eruanna]
- Removed "beaconitem" from the weaponslots. [Eruanna]
- Precision turret - range changed from 6000 to 18000, projectile speed changed from 250 to 550, damage for red turret was corrected to 10 (since it was already 10 for blue, giving blue an advantage). [Eruanna]
- Advanced gun turret - range changed from 3072 to 7072 [Eruanna]
- Mini-Raven - range changed from 3072 to 7072, LRM direct-damage upped from 10 to 12. [Eruanna]
- Turrets should now no longer be allowed in the enemy base. [Eruanna]
- Turrets will now have to be built close to a friendly structure - the global caches (i.e. mini-refinery) are included in this check. [Eruanna]
- AOW10: Fixed some "Block everything" lines. [Metal]
- AOW10: Made hallway with bobbing floors wider for mech entrance and less clutter spam. [Metal]
- Added a bunch of new admin console commands [Eruanna]
- Added texture change persistance for AOW13's secret [Eruanna]
- Corrected War Factory "soft spot" placements for exterior damage so they no longer block doors on AOW12, 13, and 14 [Eruanna]
- Changed some pickup/obituary strings [Minigunner]
- PLAYPAL: Blue gradient is a little more similar to Doom's, but not entirely. [Minigunner]

Build 1156
Main site:
Mirror site:

Static - Main -
Static - Mirror -

- Corrected cache Ammo Pack pickup messages, since they did not have cash. [Minigunner]
- Completely redid sectors in AOW10 to avert slime trails [Eruanna]
- Redid Red War Factory sectors in AOW14 to avert slime trails [Eruanna]
- Ions/Nukes can no longer be placed above MCT. This made it near impossible to disarm nukes/ions. [Metal]
- Added new Time Cop Gun announcer sound (courtesy of Voltlock)
- Added AOW99 - this map is a base map for prospective mappers so that you do not have to worry about tags and thing placements [Eruanna/Remmirath]
- Made War Factory take away "PuchaseToken" items in an effort to further mitigate the double-press problem with mechs. [Eruanna]
- Made MCT's into "GHOST"s to hopefully fix some nuke/ion cannon exploits [Eruanna]
- Fixed stealth exploit (hopefully!) [Eruanna]
- Fixed no-money bug (hopefully for once and for all) [Eruanna]
- Obelisk Shooters are now +NOINTERACTION [Eruanna]
- Recompressed some textures [Eruanna]
- Added new obelisk style to all maps [Eruanna/Metal/Remmirath/Minigunner]
- Removed the "force unstealth" protection that has proven that it doesn't actually work on stealth troopers. [Eruanna]
- Changed obits (Admin Gun back to original, and Orca changed to a more sensible obit. [Minigunner]
- zooOOOOOoom effect on Time Cop Gun :D [Minigunner]
- Fixed LineDef Triggers that could cause the player to easily access the War Factory Hanger without being thrusted out of the hanger. [Tiger]
- Obstacles moved, and center rock accessible to players below on AOW15 [Minigunner]
- Juggernaut crates are no longer available if mechs are disabled. [Eruanna]
- Changed MCT actor height to accomodate for new geometry usage - particularly with the new Obelisks and to prevent further ion/nuke exploits [Eruanna]
- Made AOW replacements of Doom monsters used in the new hell level, and fitted them toward AOW play. [Eruanna]
- Made mechs unable to stomp on base MCT's to damage them. [Eruanna]
- Changed random shell casing noise from cave drip sound to regular shell casing. (Either were hard to notice anyway) [Eruanna]
- When getting an invis crate after refilling, your invis ammo is no longer 200. [Eruanna]
- Utility Raven Mech creation is no longer range restricted [Eruanna]
- New map: AOW16 (Unending Pain) by Eruanna (with a few extras by Remmirath)
- Allow obelisk shots to go through BTO's - this is obviously necessary for any of the new obelisks to function properly [Eruanna]
- Fixed (maybe?) problem with weapon drops - it should now be impossible to receive a power weapon by running into a player as he dies. [Eruanna]
- Added in a knife for stealth troopers/snipers [Eruanna/Dark-Slayer-201/Wartorn/Minigunner]
- Insanity changed to 10 minute duration, down from 2 hours. [Eruanna]
- Added "SpectatorFlashFix" command [Eruanna]
- Increased the size of the repair facility actor slightly. [Eruanna]
- Ran all maps through ZDBSP with "-c -X" to remove slime trails. [Wartorn]
- New Mini-Nuke sprites [Minigunner]
- Juggernaut flamer sound should no longer loop indefinitely if you run out of ammo. [Eruanna]
- Redid the flare sprites so they render properly in software [Eruanna]
- Removed sprites that are no longer in use in AOW [Metal]
- Using different weapons between mechs, such as switching from a mech with more weapons to one with fewer, will no longer disable the weapon switching mechanism on the lesser mech. [Eruanna]
- Reoriented structures on AOW13 [Eruanna]
- Fixed up orientations on AOW14 [Eruanna]
- Updated credits for skyboxes
- Added in Utility-spawnable Wolverine Mech, increased price of buildable Raven Mech [Eruanna]
- Fixed flamethrower firing offsets [Minigunner]
- Fixed flamethrower sprite offsets [Minigunner]
- Updated class prices and dependancy [Eruanna/Metal]
- New map: AOW17 (Shattered Remains) by Remmirath
- New sniper sprites :D [Minigunner]
- Edited red plasma translation [Minigunner]
- New Timecop gun sprites [Minigunner]
- Increased Obelisk health from 7500 to 15000, the same as that of the repair facility. This is to somewhat mitigate C4 spam tactics (though not totally ;)). [Eruanna]
- Advanced Engineer now starts with Submachine Gun [Eruanna/Remmirath/Metal]
- Time Cop is now $2500 [Eruanna/Remmirath/Metal]
- Advanced Tiberium Harvester is now $750 [Eruanna/Remmirath/Metal]
- Advanced Tiberium Harvester is slightly faster, moves at shotgunner speed [Eruanna/Remmirath/Metal]
- Grenade Soldier Price changed to $550 [Eruanna/Remmirath/Metal]
- Refill is now available after War Factory is destroyed [Eruanna/Metal]
- Increased price of Raven mech to $1200 [Eruanna]
- Ravens now always have AC2 grease [Eruanna]
- AOW15: Small Tiberium Fields added in caves, and a new Obelisk replacing the old one. [Minigunner]
- Fixed Translations [Minigunner]
- Repair/Medic gun puff no longer cause bleeding [Minigunner]
- I BLAME REMMI! [Eruanna]
- Made Health/Ammo regen caches utility buildable, but only on their own repair facilities [Eruanna]
- Changed Raven grease with Enhanced Repair Gun [Eruanna]
- Utility cache backpacks now no longer indicate they have credits when they are picked up (since they don't). [Eruanna]
- Implemented 3 new damage types: MassDriver (team-based), Monster, and Mechstomp. [Eruanna]
- MassDriver damage now does +30% the damage it did before to mechs. [Eruanna]
- Added new decals! [Minigunner]
- Smaller decals that are spawned frequently fade out within 2 minutes. [Minigunner]
- The Juggernaut Mini-nuke scorch decal has an ID of 100, in case you want to put it in a map. [Minigunner]
- Made new Mech purchase and Research purchase rooms for AOW99 [Metal]
- Scaled back the damage of the homing bazooka - down by 5 points for both impact and explosion. [Eruanna]
- Donation menu now stays open after donating money [Eruanna]
- Greatly reduced bandwidth usage of the donation menu [Eruanna]
- aow_timecoppurchasedelay(5): Number of seconds you must wait to purchase a time cop (individual) [Eruanna]
- aow_maxtimecopsperteam(2): Maximum number of time cops that are allowed on a team. [Eruanna]
- Fixed HOM on AOW04 [Wartorn]
- Mech stomps now have their very own damagetype [Eruanna]
- Instead of executing script 324, the caches now add experience to their builders manually. This is to correct the experience display with how much experience was actually gained. [Eruanna]
- Added the following crates: Fatigue, Team Revival, Regeneration, Demoralization, Team Boost, Vulnerability, Time Resistance, and Thermal Cloaking [Eruanna]
- Removed 'impse' because the maturity of certain members of the team must be called into question on cheat servers. [Eruanna]
- Fixed script execution error on startup [Eruanna]
- Stealth knife should now destealth if you run out of stealth ammo [Eruanna]
- Fixes to the palette [Minigunner]
- Added credit notice for D_AOW17's soundtrack
- Entire teams are now awarded for building destruction [Eruanna]
- Replaced all purchase tags and deleted unused ones. [Eruanna/Wartorn/Remmirath]
- Lowered bouncy grenade explosive damage from 80 to 60 [Eruanna]
- Changed credit flow system. --> 25%(Always) + 25%(Research centre) + 50%(Refinery) + 75%(Mini Refinery) = 175% total possible [Eruanna]
- Regular spawned backpacks in bases now give stealth ammo [Eruanna]
- Timed C4's can no longer be used within the first 5 minutes of a match. [Eruanna]
- Timed C4's are now $200 [Eruanna]
- Added new Nuke/Fire effects. [Minigunner]
- Removed delay in acquiring time cop gun from crate [Eruanna]
- Added +FORCEYBILLBOARD to the powerpad line actors, since otherwise it would look strange. [Minigunner]
- AOW07 - Fixed waterfall homs [Metal]
- AOW07 - Added lines that should be impassable [Metal]
- AOW08 - You can no longer shoot from far away on the far cliff to the enemy buildings, you have to be in closer range [Metal]
- AOW08 - Fixed far cliff slope [Metal]
- aow11 - Fixed P_StartScript: Unknown script 0 error - [Metal]
Price changes:
- Laser Chaingun price changed - $650
- Mass Driver Guy price changed - $600
- Medic price changed - $300
- Time Cop price changed - $2500
- Advanced Tiberium Harvester price changed - $750
- Grenade Soldier price changed - $550
- +1 C4 Upgrade price changed - $200
- Raven Mech price changed - $1200
- Engineer gun upgrade - $350
Dependancy Changes:
- Medic - No longer depends on Barracks
- Advanced Engineer - No longer depends on Barracks
- Minigunner - No longer depends on Barracks
- Demolitions Expert - No longer depends on Barracks
- Advanced Tiberium Harvester - Now only depends on Refinery, not Barracks
- Stealth Trooper - No longer depends on Barracks
Other Balance Changes:
- Advanced Harvester - Speed increased
- Obelisks - All are now 360 degree attacks.
- C4's are no longer usable in the first 5 minutes (this allows teams time to refine and build up defenses)
- Entire team is now given experience and money for enemy building destruction (scoreboard still credits original player however)
- Refinery only cuts 50% credit flow rather than all
- Research center only cuts 25% credit flow rather than reducing it to 'aow_powercredflow' (now obsolete)
- Mini-refinery bonus is now credflow based instead of a static 3 (increases by 75%)
- Time cops are now limited to 2 per team by default and may only be purchased once per 5 minutes
- When a team loses their war factory they still have a refill option now
- Utility can now build global regeneration caches, but they must be built on the repair facility (the required location is likely to change in a future version)
- Utility can now build wolverine mechs
- Ravens now always have grease
- Utility/Engineers/Commando Ranks are now able to upgrade their repair gun at the research center

Build 1420
Main package:
High quality soundtrack variant: ...

- AOW15: Edited the Barracks' barricade walls [Minigunner]
- AOW15: Added tunnels that go from the main tiberium field to the enemy's cave entrance. These are one-way, unless you fly or explosive-jump. [Minigunner]
- AOW15: Added some scenery to the surrounding cliffs; may add more. [Minigunner]
- AOW15: Moved the spawn rooms... again... [Minigunner]
- AOW15: Scrapped the from-ground climbing slopes on the center boulder and added ladders; fixed the edge slopes. [Minigunner]
- Tiberium is now removed from a player's inventory when they use a purchase terminal. [Eruanna]
- AOW15: Sized up the small tiberium lode in the tunnels and blocked them from Orca access. [Minigunner]
- AOW11: Start rooms, Mech and Research purchase rooms redesigned to fit the theme of the map [Metal]
- AOW15: Changed Blue Res Center and Repair Facility. [Minigunner]
- Added some helpful debug messages for when a base terminal gets destroyed by mysterious causes. [Eruanna]
- Added some -TELESTOMP flags to the repair gun actors and the mech stomps. [Eruanna]
- Insanity is no longer able to pick up items. [Eruanna]
- Fixed thermal cloaking timer carrying on even after dead and respawned. [Nightfall]
- Mechs no longer stomp on razor wires or turrets, the damage from such movement is now ignored. [Eruanna]
- Map placed mines are no longer affected by tiberium damage [Eruanna]
- Proxy C4's should now spawn on the floor [Eruanna]
- Added SetFont lines to mech purchase scripts in an effort to reduce the amount of rank icons all over the hud [Nightfall]
- Repair gun disarms now go through base terminals [Eruanna]
- Added SetFont("DOOMFONT") at the end of ShowStatus(), should get rid of any remaining unwanted rank pics. [Nightfall]
- AOW10: Fixed impassable line break [Metal]
- AOW10: Fixed hom on Red base side [Metal]
- Fixed untagged ADV tib harvester in spawn rooms. They will now turn red if Refinery is destroyed. [Metal]
- Fixed medic purchase actually taking $400 credits [Nightfall]
- AOW01: Fixed "Support packs instead of backpacks" [Metal]
- Fixed AOW15 War Factory hanger doors LineDef triggers. [Tiger]
- Fixed AOW16 War Factory hanger doors LineDef triggers that could cause a monster to enter the hanger. [Tiger]
- Fixed wrong texture in AOW14 [Metal]
- Fixed wrong texture on newer red res centers [Metal]
- AOW16, AOW17: Fixed: Some LineDefs were using improper triggers in War Factory Hanger. [Tiger]
- All maps should now allow the user to fire or bump the War Factory Hanger door if you are stuck inside the hanger. [Tiger]
- Added new Chem Sprayer sprites. [Wartorn]
- AOW11: Fixed RC Ceilings [Metal]
- Players can no longer get on Res Center roofs [Metal]
- Fixed instance where Timecop slot does not shade red upon destruction of Res center [Metal]
- Class purchase scripts revamped - changed lots of code to function calls. [Nightfall]
- Flashbangs really do cost $200 now [Nightfall]
- Fixed stealth knife sound issue (hopefully) [Nightfall]
- Optimized Research centre purchase scripts [Nightfall]
- Separated class purchase scripts and research purchase scripts to acs_clssc.acs and acs_respc.acs, respectively. [Nightfall]
- Bonus XP crate now gives the experience faster. [Nightfall]
- Updated flash bangs stat card price entry to $200. [Nightfall]
- Deleted obsolete actor PermanentChemSuit. [Nightfall]
- Moved voice chat scripts to acs_vchat.acs [Nightfall]
- Optimized mech purchase scripts and separated mech scripts to acs_mechs.acs [Nightfall]
- Optimized up several scripts [Nightfall]
- Replaced Timecop scripts with dummy ones [Nightfall]
- Made Timespace mechanics sign a dummy actor, keeping it as a possibility for a possible future research. [Nightfall]
- Removed (made some invisible to compensate for detail issues) the Timecop switches. [Wartorn]
- Made donation messages show the donor name to the person who got the donation. [Nightfall]
- Made underwater-planted beacons instantly disarm and expire the cooldown [Dark Slayer/Nightfall]
- New HUD sprites and code [Wartorn/Nightfall]
- Implemented battle console (for glob. warnings and research messages, ..) using Wartorn's graphics [Nightfall]
- Added anti-mech notes to Minigunner, Rocket soldier and Gauss trooper classes [Nightfall]
- Rewrote credit bonus script mostly [Nightfall]
- Removed "you found $xxx" from credit pickups [Nightfall]
- Removed +PUSHABLE from players [Dark Slayer]
- AOW15: New red Res Center/Rep facility [Minigunner]
- AOW15: Obelisks can't hit center field [Minigunner]
- Selected weapon in mech hud now appears green [Nightfall]
- Added New Chem Sprites and decorate to match it. Models also supplied for a better effect. (Textures has a strange scale code) [Dark Slayer]
- Fixed: You could burn in spawn room and could cause chain reactions. Now you give off a damageless burning corpse in spawn room [Dark Slayer]
- Burning/Chemical Death actors will not lag as much [Dark Slayer]
- Added extra frames for the Plasma Pistol [Dark Slayer]
- Added blue laser chaingun. [Dark Slayer]
- Changed Orca Flame effects. Now aint as laggy. [Dark Slayer]
- Added extra Plasma Cannon fire sound. It matches the speed of it's alt fire time and the fire time of the Plasma Pistol [Dark Slayer]
- Added new footstep code [Dark Slayer]
- Footstep puffs now don't use as much alpha, also made stealth troopers cause footstep puffs [Dark Slayer]
- Players now have a death effect from being killed by a Time Gun [Dark Slayer]
- Changed Gauss Rifle's Alt fire now does a charge up, but the reloading speed is quickened. Same as normal reloading speed. [Dark Slayer]
- Removed SSG's Alt fire [Dark Slayer]
- Changed SSG's Damage is the same as the normal doom one. Range is also increased a little. [Dark Slayer]
- Changed Time Gun's flame effects. Now they look better [Dark Slayer]
- Time Gun now has Warp/Unwarp sounds [Dark Slayer]
- Added new Mini Refinery sprites and models [Dark Slayer]
- Changed knife sprite. Thanks Blox [Dark Slayer]
- Added player knife Skin, for those knife users. From MarineSkinsV6.wad [Dark Slayer]
- Plasmacannon's explosion is now in a sphere unless fired at the floor [Dark Slayer]
- Added cache models from UT2k4. [Dark Slayer]
- Obelisk now flares when fires [Dark Slayer]
- Plasma rifle now overheats [Dark Slayer]
- Attempt at fixing the BTO's blocking projectiles [Eruanna]
- Fixed jumpjet not getting pistol [Nightfall]
- Chem actors re-framed to use the new chem sprites. [Minigunner]
- Chem-thrower offsets adjusted [Minigunner]
- Added +WEAPON.NOAUTOAIM to all repair guns and similar. [Dark Slayer]
- Fixed iron curtain+resign bug [Nightfall]
- New map: AOW18: Sand Canyon [Nightfall]
- Changed Raven's weapon system to Orca-like - Primary shoots AC2, secondary shoots LRMs [Nightfall]
- Made building terminals and BTOs assign their tids to themselves, no need for TID or special tagging anymore [Nightfall]
- Added check script #530 (aliased to new CCMD BuildingCheck) that checks building tagging so that it's all good [Nightfall]
- Cleansed up tibrifle, flamer and grenader code a tad, made them use inheritance [Nightfall]
- Made resign make you keep flashbangs and weak tiberium autorifle - also such addon-items no longer give you refunds as you keep them anyway [Nightfall]
- Changed a number of class names to more sensible ones (tibrifle, flamer, grenader, mass driver, plasma rifle) [Nightfall]
- Double-resign issue fixed [Nightfall]
- Hopefully fixed the mech and medic exploit for red team. I don't think it ever happened to blue. [Dark Slayer]
- Updated all weapons to be assigned to AOWWeapon. Some were not. [Dark Slayer]
- Reduced armour of advanced harvester to that of the normal variant [Nightfall]
- Advanced harvester name is no longer called "Armoured Tiberium Harvester" [Nightfall]
- Jugger steps changed [Dark Slayer]
- Purged elemental grenade launchers [Nightfall]
- Made the Player and Jugger's corpses fade away after 2048 tics. I did not use A_Fadeout which can lead to clients crashing if they do not respawn in time. [Dark Slayer]
- Touched up some obituaries [Nightfall]
- Added debug actor TestActor - tells you the damagetype it is hit with [Nightfall]
- Fixed mech speed bug [Nightfall]
- Fixed: War Factories can no longer be destroyed from behind with a single nuke/ion [Metal]
- Super Shotgun is no longer droppable [Nightfall]
- Initial credit setting at player entering is no longer printed [Nightfall]
- Adv Engineer now 200$ [Metal]
- Repair gun upgrade now 200$ [Metal]
- AOW15: Can no longer get 'stuck' inside obelisk [Metal]
- Added lo-quality oggs that will replace the ones in static. Hi-res oggs will be a separate download. [Nightfall]
- Recompressed many of the sprites [Eruanna]

Build 1491
Main package:
High quality soundtrack variant: ...
Server host's variant: ...

- Recompressed more graphics [Eruanna]
- Readded Remote C4 to the Demolitions expert - thanks, Konda, for the codebase! [Nightfall]
- Fixed Red MCT actor lacking infinite mass, causing it to float away when shot, causing indestructible buildings [Nightfall]
- Fixed the attributes section for the Super Shotgunner's class card [Wartorn]
- Timecop tags fixed. [Wartorn]
- Added anti-spam to surrender system (must wait 20 seconds between surrender commands) [Eruanna]
- Added "aow_surrendermode" command - 0: always allow, 1: 2 or more buildings must be destroyed, 2: never allow surrender [Eruanna]
- New adv. harvster class card graphic [Nightfall]
- Added code that removes redundant weapons (such as extras if you have a stealth version). Included weapons in this check are the tiberium autorifle, the sniper rifle, and the laser rifle. [Eruanna]
- Reverted plasma cannon spherical death in an effort to make the game less resource intensive and hopefully decrease lag spikes [Nightfall]
- Updated the AOW13 track to MOD format instead of OGG, sounds a whole lot better in a smaller file. [Eruanna]
- Converted most PCX files and some textures to PNG. [Eruanna]
- Redid explosion sprites, recompressed some other sprites [Eruanna]
- Added -NOGRAVITY to proxy C4's [Eruanna]
- New Intel HUD code, using inventory items as a base. This one ought to work better than the old system! [Nightfall]
- Removed needless functions DisplayMessage and its multiline version. Local version remains as it, not using SetActivator, was uneffected by the bug [Nightfall]
- Replaced AOW06 with remake map "Floating City" [Metal]
- Flipped the HUD vertically [Nightfall]
- Rewrote bot support code [Nightfall] (NOTA BENE: apparently still causes randomly crashes!)
- Bots are no longer able to be given gamemaster status. [Nightfall]
- Reverted knife obituary [Nightfall]
- Fixed donation code [Nightfall]
- War factory purchase terminals, when unable to let you to mech purchase room, now send you to spawn room along with the error [Nightfall]
- Replaced AOW18's soundtrack with "Workmen" from Red Alert [Nightfall, Eruanna]
- Separated AOW99 - the map will be a separate release [Nightfall]

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Build 1601
Main package: ...
High quality soundtrack variant: ...

- Replaced Stealth Sniper with Kamikaze class [Nightfall]
- aow_surrendermode now properly shows up as a cvar [Eruanna]
- Made red laser chaingun sprites less... brown. [Minigunner]
- New Utility Gun graphics and code for them [Minigunner, Nightfall]
- Forced a client-side delay in the insanity guy's plasma pistol fire state. Hopefully this will fix the "double-ball" problem. [Eruanna]
- Remote C4s now self-disarm if its planter refills or dies [Nightfall]
- Caches now check to see if players can see them on spawn. If not, they destroy themselves. [Eruanna]
- AOW06 - Disabled Mechs for this map [Metal]
- Added new Self Heal, based on the code and resources by Xaser [Dark Slayer, Nightfall]
- Plasma rifle can no longer overheat 6% at once. [Nightfall]
- Optimized the Intel HUD bandwidth-wise with yet another revamp. Much better this way. [Nightfall]
- Timed and Remote C4 are no longer affected by Tiberium Crystals [Nightfall]
- Added Qent's surrender edits [Nightfall]
- Clientsided the Ion Cannon Beacon effects in effort to reduce bandwidth usage [Nightfall]
- Made regenerator check code more sensible. Also if regenerator fails to spawn, the game no longer assumes it has been built. [Nightfall]
- Kamikaze can no longer harm own buildings [Nightfall]
- Clientsided flame effects for bandwidth reduction [Nightfall]
- Precision turret projectile damage buffed from 10 to 18 [Nightfall]
- Utility Guy's Full Refill pack now refills Remote C4 and elemental grenades [Nightfall]
- Added juggernaut counter to plasma cannon / time cop checker [Eruanna]
- Timecop is back but costs $5000 each, also Timespace research costs now $10000 [Nightfall]
- Revamped Plasma Cannon, both balance and code. Red team's Plasma Balls are now really red. Lots of team debates and ideas went into this. [Nightfall]
- Utility Gun now bobs [Nightfall]
- Mini Refinery's marker's size now matches that of the Mini Refinery itself [Nightfall]
- Renamed Plasma Rifle from AOWPlasmaRifle to PlasmaGun - consistency is good [Nightfall]
- Chem actors upscaled [Minigunner]
- Shotgun is now a tad stronger [Nightfall]
- Jumpjet gun accuracy is now that of regular gattling gun [Nightfall]
- Gauss rifle primary puff, laser rifle and laser chaingun puff is now displayed as a voltage spark instead of the old dumb bullet puff [Nightfall]
- In-field teleportation now attempts ten times before giving up instead of just trying to teleport once. [Nightfall]
- Disabled mechs and removed airstrikes on AOW07 [Nightfall]
- Titan now costs $2500, has 3000HP and has Dual Chemsprayers instead of Flamers and LRM-15s instead of LRM-20s [Nightfall, Metal]
- Wolverine now costs $1500, has 2000HP, a slower pulse cannon with recharging ammo and a flamer instead of a minigun. [Nightfall, Metal]
- Madcat now costs $2000, has 2500HP and LRM-15s [Nightfall, Metal]
- Orca now costs $1000, has machinegun and bump damage nerfed [Nightfall, Metal]
- Juggernaut now costs $4000, has 4000HP with many weapon changes [Nightfall, Metal]
- Removed the annoying ambient bug sound. [Nightfall]
- Powerup crates and Tiberium sound actors now spawn map markers - locations of Tiberium and Powerup Crate now show up on the automap [Nightfall]
- Mini-Ravens are now immune to own team Razor Wires [Nightfall]
- Laser Chaingun's visual rails no longer leave puffs [Nightfall]
- Revamped Timed C4 and added an explosion flame cluster for visual [Nightfall]
- Gauss rifle Alt-Fire buffed from 110 to 160. MechPlayer_OrcaVTOL goes down in 5 hits. [Nightfall]
- Added Floating Platforms to Utility Gun [Nightfall]
- Turrets and caches can now stand on steps [Nightfall]
- War Factory hanger should now destroy anything that would block it from closing. [Nightfall]
- New map, AOW05: Mercury, replaces Volcanicity [Nightfall]
- Updated signs to reflect cost/title changes [Nightfall]
- New map: AOW19: Valley by dj-jo with rework by Minigunner
- Fixed bug where a mech-getting player disconnecting would paralyze the War Factory. [Nightfall]
- Chemical proof now implies immunity to ChemicalSpecial as well. No sense in chem warriors getting hurt by Tiberium.. [Nightfall]
- Changed my code tag from [RZ] to [NF] [Nightfall]
- Added trash quality razor-ub.ogg [Nightfall]

Build 1646
Main package:
High quality soundtrack variant: ...
Patch - r1697:

r1646 changelog

r1697 patch changelog

Build 1816
Main package:
High quality soundtrack variant: ...

- Games are now independant of the Repair Facility. Each building now only gives a single point, pointlimit now being 5. [Nightfall]
- Revamped Tiberium crystals, they are now inventory items instead of weapons. Only harvesters may pick them up. Crystal radiative damage 3x, range 1.5x. Also crystals now emit clientside chemical smoke (won't appear offline, however) [Nightfall]
- Tiberium carriers let off chemsmoke - now despite which weapon they wield. [Nightfall]
- AOW05: Fixed elevators - they were calling the wrong actor to deconstruct utility items from the elevator door [Nightfall]
- Added lilmoder's new utility step sprites
- Removed voice chat #include and binds from keyconf [Nightfall]
- Rewrote credit flow code, fixing the 'double credit flow exploit' in the process [Nightfall]
- Replaced Vulnerability crate with chicken crate! [Nightfall]
- Gave the experience system an overhaul, killing an exploit in which a red private player with no barracks could get +20HP every time they chose a class and could stack the said HP extra. [Nightfall]
- Buffed the Kamikaze's short-range power quite a *lot*... it should now be a threat to buildings. Especially on sudden death! o_o [Nightfall]
- Amplified the boink and rank-up sounds and removed double-calls to LocalAmbientSound, this should get rid of the twin-play of the sounds that tends to happen when ping is high. [Nightfall]
- Converted MAPINFO to newer syntax, changed sky textures in several maps (AOW01, 03, 04, 07, 18, 20), changed STSKY8 -> STARS as it looks less shitty [Nightfall]
- wnukage is now warped with the primary effect instead of the watery-like [Nightfall]
- Remote C4 Detonator can now be activated in spawn room. [Nightfall]
- Gauss rifle primary fire now has alt-fire-like delay as well. [Nightfall]
- Downsized the amount of superweapon effect actors spawned, fps++ [Dark-Slayer, Nightfall]
- Adjusted SBARINFO - use white instead of untranslated pastel yellow, health is displayed as yellow/red on 50hp/25hp, respectively. [Nightfall]
- Added shrapnel to the frag grenade [Eric, Medic]
- New Shell Casings. Old ones were shit. [Dark-Slayer]
- Syringes will now disappear after a while. [Dark-Slayer]
- Fixed Knife Select Clipping. [Dark-Slayer]
- Added Animation to Proxy C4. [Dark-Slayer]
- Proxy C4 is now laid faster. [Nightfall]
- Reduced grenade damage minimalistically. [Nightfall]
- Made Suicide Crate's crate values more spread-out. [Nightfall]
- Proxy C4 layer now displays the limit properly and always. [Nightfall]
- Increased Mini-Refinery building range from 96 units from player's feet to 144 units to compensate to Tiberium crystals' damage buff.
- Reduced mini-ref turret range to a quarter. The current range was ridiculous. [Nightfall]
- Fixed Model Interpolation Issues with Bazooka and Mass Driver. [Dark-Slayer]
- Fixed Mass Driver Shell Casings. Now uses the new ones. [Dark-Slayer]
- Added -NOBLOCKMONST to all mechs except orca. [Dark-Slayer]
- AOW12: Fixed Outer Cliff Lines. Now no-one can climb the mountains. [Dark-Slayer]
- AOW15: Added Monster Block Lines to stop mechs from climbing ladders built for humans. [Dark-Slayer]
- AOW15: Adjusted and moved Blue's 'In Cliff' Tib Room, Now same size and opposite position as Red's. [Dark-Slayer]
- AOW15: Made peek holes in each 'In Cliff' Tib Room able to shoot through and is a little bigger. [Dark-Slayer]
- AOW15: Added Secondary Sniper Window to the left of the original one in the War Factory. [Dark-Slayer]
- Kamikaze is now known as Suicide Bomber [Nightfall]
- Changed the Bomb Pack explosion effect to a single, big boom. [Nightfall]
- Fixed a typo in blue Mini-Refinery destruction intel message. [Nightfall]
- Added new Time Cop class - this time the class is a supporter, capable of giving short-time powerups for your team and weakening enemies! [Nightfall, Eric]
- Gave time cop grade 2 armor (10% all around), updated stats card and sign. [Nightfall]
- Added intel message which tells when time cop is accessible [Nightfall]
- Cleansed CVar acs code a tad [Nightfall]
- Tiberium Autorifle now displays burst count in secondary ammo slot. [Nightfall]
- Tiberium Autorifle shot impact no longer causes smoke puffs. fps++ [Nightfall]
- Utility steps no longer take Razor Wire damage [Nightfall]
- Added Haze's mass driver sprites
- Chicken crate is gives now a global message. [Nightfall]
- Fixed credits/exp hud not showing until one died for the first time. [Nightfall]
- Fatigue crate now only lasts for two minutes but is now even slower (0.65x -> 0.55x) [Nightfall]
- Error messages are now displayed in bright red instead of dark red. readability++ [Nightfall]
- aow_timecoppurchasedelay has been changed into aow_timecopdelay and governs how long does it take for the time cop to become available. [Nightfall]
- Players no longer get hurt by burning corpses despite being fireproof. [Nightfall]
- AOW07: Fixed Blue Barracks door. [Dark-Slayer]
- Credit bonus message now calles SetFont() to set SMALLFONT (and therefore won't appear in BIGFONT anymore). [Nightfall]
- Players can now see friendly stealth troopers. [Nightfall]
- When a player doesn't have enough credits to buy something, the amount they need is now displayed. [Nightfall]
- Added Hjalg's AOW20 update
- If a War Factory terminal is not present, the game will consider the Factories dead (instead of ghosting it with 1%). Game score will start at 1-1 in this case. AOW20 needs this. [Nightfall]
- Repairing XP bonuses now causes beeps again [Nightfall]
- Many crate effects no longer can be duped (like getting a Time Gun crate while already having a Time Gun). [Nightfall]
- Reduced mine health from 300 to 200. [Nightfall]
- Self-heal is no longer issued to insane players. [Nightfall]
- Timed C4 bombs no longer have +GHOST, added +THRUGHOST to Bomb Squad Gun. This should make Timed C4 easier to disarm as the repair shots will no longer be blocked by the terminal actor. To counterbalance this, however, timed C4 have more health. [Nightfall]
- Renamed the n_tv* textures I had made to nf-* textures. Less confusion and I know where my textures are. AOW05 and AOW18 edited accordingly. [Nightfall]
- ACS source file prefix changed from acs_* to a_*. [Nightfall]
- Moved some ACS stuff from main file to subfiles. [Nightfall]
- Removed pointless laser chaingun restriction from stealth troopers. [Nightfall]
- Deleted empty sbarscrp.acs file. [Nightfall]
- Time gun teleportation effect now calls script 94 for actual teleportation. (i.e. it "teleports you back to field" now). This causes it to try ten times to teleport you and doesn't fail from the first. [Nightfall]
- Stealth pain flash duration lowered from 50 to 40. [Nightfall]
- Fixed: Players could "double-buy" health/ammo regenerators by purchasing another before the first one had fully been built. [Nightfall]
- Swapped Time Cop and Suicide Bomber switches to correct dependency tagging. [Nightfall]
- Added team unbalance compensation: if a one team has 5/3 times the members of the other team, the weaker team will be given armor/damage upgrades until balance is regained. [Nightfall]
- Revamped Mass driver code and touched up the obituaries. The weapon should still behave the same. [Nightfall]
- Fixed a problem with Red's BTOs not exploding while Blue's will [Dark-Slayer]
- Made AOW02's tib fields a little bigger [Dark-Slayer]
- Fixed: Barrels were affected by disarm/repair guns. [Nightfall]
- Fixed: Bomb pack caused disarm sound even if it blew up. [Nightfall]
- Reworked Medic Gun - it will only now fire if targeted at a teammate or shooting at own feet. Should help in healing teammates. [Nightfall]
- Mostly purged the defunct stealth sniper rifle. [Nightfall]
- Added altfire to Medic Gun which contains the "weapon's" old behavior. [Nightfall]
- Timed C4 now displays the delay correctly, without desynchs. [Nightfall]
- Research purchases are now server logged. [Nightfall]
- Reset the obituary message to default. 90% it's not true anyway as suicide is intentional, rite. [Nightfall]
- Fixed an exploit in which mischiveous utility guys could spam caches in research/war factory rooms and block access to them that way. [Nightfall]

Hotfix r1826:
- Removed Chicken crate, it's causing bugs all over. [Nightfall]
- Reduced Time Gun burst damage by a tad, decreased teleport cooldown from 30 to 20. [Nightfall]
- Fixed a bug where the clientside effect script was being called many times simultaneously, causing the tiberium field to become massively resource intensive. [Nightfall]
- Removed "Damagetype LaserRed" from the Gauss altfire - who the hell let that slip through???? [Eric]
- Removed Mini-Ravens' run-over ability. Apparently a left-over since it was only in the other attack sequence and not in both.. [Nightfall]
- Picked-up, invisible, to-be-respawned Tiberium no longer cause smoke. [Nightfall]
- Time gun effect cost reduced from 30 to 25, effect duration lengthened to 20 seconds, removed charge-up delay from the four effect rails. [Nightfall]

Build 2060
Main package:
Music package:
r2060 patch:


Build 2162
Main package:
Music package:


patch changelog

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