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AOW Tutorial 
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Post AOW Tutorial
This is a long, thorough tutorial on AOW2: The second coming. I will start off right away with the point of the game before going into detail.

Main goal:
To destroy your enemies base while keeping yours intact. There are plenty of ways to do this, which I will explain, and everyone has their own way of doing so. Your rank may also play a big part in this so allow me to explain that.

Your experience determines your rank. To get experience, there's a few things you can do for it. Harvest tiberium to your refinery, repair buildings, destroy your opponents buildings and frag your opponents. The lowest rank is private and the highest rank is Commando, where you get your very own repair gun. With different rank comes different health. From 100HP to 170HP. The higher your rank, the easier it will be to achieve the main goal.

One of the biggest and most important parts of this mod is your credits. AKA money. In most servers you will start off with 300$ and your credit flow will be 4$ per second. There's many ways to gain cash. You can do so by fragging, destroying buildings, and by harvesting tiberium. You use your money to buy different weapons, items and to research different things. Building a mini-refinery almost doubles your credit flow. So instead of 4$ per second, you will gain 7$ per second.

It's simple enough. Select either Tiberium harvester or ADV tiberium harvester class, find a tiberium field close to your home base, Pick one up and return it to your refinery. At first you and your team will gain 75$ and you will get an extra 225$ for harvesting. But once you gain 2000$, you can research "Enhanced Refining" and gain 225 for your team and 225 for yourself per harvest. Everytime you harvest, you will also gain 75EXP per harvest, bringing your rank up as you provide cash for your team.

Repairing your base is a rather large part of helping your team win the game. If you have a repair gun, which can be obtained by selecting engineer, advanced engineer or Utility guy, find the Master Control terminal of the building you'd like to repair and shoot your repair gun at it. If you're engineer, it will go slower than if you were an advanced engineer.

Located on the left side of your screen you will see both the enemy and your own buildings and a percentage next to them. This tells you the health of buildings. 100% being at full health and 0% being destroyed.

Research Center:
Your research center gives your team the ability to research different upgrades for your team to help when the game. If destroyed you will lose the more powerful classes in your team selection room. It will also narrow your credit flow down to 1$ per second, making it much harder to obtain any leverage. You will no longer be able to research, however if you have built an HP and AMMO Regen cache, they will remain unless destroyed. You will also lose the ability to purchase a Plasma Cannon, Titans and Juggernauts.

In your research center, there's a screen that looks like this:
In here you can select things you'd like to research for your team.
HP Regen: Builds a cache outside of your research center that allows your teams health to regenerate over a period of time. Can be destroyed.
Ammo regen: Builds a cache outside of your research center that allows your teams ammo to regenerate over a period of time. Can be destroyed.
Enhanced Refining: As explained above with harvesting, increases the amount of credits you generate when harvesting tiberium.
Advanced Mechs: Allows the purchase of Madcats, Titans and Juggernauts. The more powerful mechs.
Time-Space Mechanics: Allows the purchase of a powerful class known as Time-Cop.
Advanced turrets: Allows the utility guy to build different, more advanced defenses for your team.
More Turrets: increases the amount of turrets placed from 30 to 40.
Greased AC2: An upgrade which will prevent the AC2 fire on a Raven mech from getting stuck.
Timed C4: And upgrade that allows you to purchase more than 1 c4. The maximum is 4.

Your barracks holds the key to the greater majority of your infantry classes, as well as your ability to purchase the plasma cannon. This building is crucial for leverage in the game. If destroyed, you will be left with much less powerful classes.

War factory:
Your war factory allows you to purchase an variety of mechs (AKA robots). This assortment includes:

Orca: A flying gunship with 1000HP. Equipped with rockets and a machine gun.
Raven: A Bird-like mech with 1000HP. Equipped with AC2 and LRM-5.
Wolverine: A cyborg type mech with 3000HP. Equipped with Pulse cannon, LRM-10 and minigun.
Madcat: A strong mech with 4000HP. Equipped with Particle Projectile Cannon (AKA PPC), LRM-20 and Minigun.
Titan: The name says it all with this tank, barring 5000HP. Equipped with 80mm missiles, LRM-20 and a flamethrower.
Juggaurnaut: The most expensive and possibly most powerful mech in the game, holding 5000HP. Equipped with Flamethrower, Homing missiles, Plasma Cannon, 50MM, Heavy guass, PPC and a mini-nuke.

Losing your warfactory will eliminate your ability to purchase mechs and use the "Refill" option in your team selection room.

This building is more or less your bank. It handles 95% of your credits. Allows you to harvest tiberium and keeps your credit flow at bay. Losing this building will eliminate your credit flow completely. You will also lose the ability to harvest and select harvesting classes.

Repair facility:
Usually placed in the middle of your base, the repair facility is a stand-on "mat" that repairs you as a human or a mech. Repairing your health and restoring your ammunition. When this building is destroyed, ammunition will no longer be restored and HP will be restored much slower.

Mini-refinery (Optional):
You or your utility guy may make a mini-refinery. Mini-refineries MUST be placed in a tiberium field. The mini-ref adds 3$ per second to your cash flow and still helps if you've lost your refinery or research center. This building is optional, but will be displayed next to your other buildings on the left side of your screen.

Now that the basics of the game have been explained, I will explain the the team selection room and the classes that come with it.

Let me start with the large panels:
For RED:

These are the panels for the red and blue team. You can tell by the colors which is which. I'll start from the left and work my way to the right.

Resign your class: Resign your current class. If you have a nuke/ion, plasma cannon or mass driver, it will remain in your inventory.

Teleport back to field: Will bring you back to the battle field.

Refill: Refill all your weapons ammunition and your health.

Plasma Cannon: Purchase a powerful weapon that shoots large ball of blue particles that does an extensive amount of damage.

Nuke-strike Beacon (For the RED team): Purchase this item and place it next to an Master Control Terminal in your enemies (Blue team) base to destroy a building completely. Takes a total of 60 seconds to detonate.

Ion Cannon Beacon(For BLUE team): Purchase this item and place it next to an Master Control Terminal in your enemies (Red team) base to destroy a building completely. Takes a total of 60 seconds to detonate.

Vote to surrender: Surrender the current map. It will take more than half your team to use this option for it to work.

Now let's move onto classes.

Utility Guy:
Weapons: Utility gun
Primary Fire: Start creating current selection
Secondary Fire: Change your selection

This class is more powerful than people think. You have the ability to make defenses for your team, as well as take your opponents buildings out in seconds. For defense, it's best to use sandbags, razor wire, proxies, fake crates and turrets. For offense, the timed-c4 tactic is easily obtained, but not easily deployed. First you must purchase the timed c4's from your research center. Then sneak into your opponents base unnoticed (Which can be hard if you're not stealth), create timed c4 packs with your utility gun and place them onto the MCT. (Note: THIS IS NOT AN EXPLOIT)

Engineer/Advanced engineer:
Weapons: Repair gun
Primary fire only.
Repair bases, you can also repair yourself if you aim close to a wall or at the ground.

Weapons: Medic gun, shotgun
Primary fire only.
Repair yourself or your team mates with this gun. It's very helpful in "deathmatch" situations.

Weapon: Sub machine gun
Primary fire: Straight firing
Secondary fire: Burst firing
Your basic class. Costs nothing and usually used if low on funds.

Weapon: Shotgun
Primary fire only
Another basic class.

Tibierium Harvester:
Weapon: SMG (Sub machine gun)
Harvest tiberium for you and your team mates.

Advanced Tiberium Harvester:
Weapon: Machine gun
Harvest tibirium for your team mates with more defense.

Demo Expert:
Weapon:Bombsqaud gun
Disarm nukes/ions much faster, as well as Timed c4's.

Primary fire: Sniping rifle
Secondary fire: grenade
The cheapest sniping weapon you'll find in this game mode. But can still be deadly in the wrong hands!

Machine gunner:
Weapon: Machine gun
Primary: Straight firing
Secondary: burst firing
Take out your enemies up close or snipe them from far away with this weapon.

Grenade Soldier:
Weapons: Grenade launcher, Rifle
Primary fire: Direct hits
Secondary fire: bouncing grenades
Too many enemies in front of you? Take them out with a grenade launcher.

Rocket Soldier:
Weapons: Bazooka, rifle
Primary fire: Shoot straight rockets
Secondary fire: Homing rockets
If you're opponents dodging your shots, secondary fire should take care of them easily enough.

Stealth Trooper:
Weapons: Stealth Laser-rifle
Primary fire: Laser gun
Secondary Fire: Stealth mode
Get into your opponents base with a nuke or ion much easier as it will be much harder to notice if you're in stealth mode!

Guass Gunner:
Weapons: Guass Rifle, Rifle
Primary fire: Normal laser
Secondary fire: more powerful laser, but takes more ammo.
An excellent sniping weapon that also has secondary fire for weaker mechs.

Weapons: Supershotgun
Primary fire: Double barrel shotgun
Secondary fire: Grenade
Zomg! A doom weapon!

Jumpjet- Infantry:
Weapons: Gattling gun
Primary fire: Gattling fire
Secondary fire: Jumpjet
Who doesn't want to float around killing people?!

Weapons: Sniper rifle
Primary fire only.
Snipe your enemies from far away.

Plasma gunner:
Weapons: Plasma gun
Primary fire only.
Take out your opponent with the damage dealt from this weapon. zomg, doom again!

Mass Driver (Class):
Weapons: Mass driver, rifle
Primary fire: normal shell
Secondary fire: Anti-Mech shell
Mech getting on your nerves? Pound him down with this lovely weapon

Laser Chaingun:
Weapons: Laser Chaingun
Primary fire only.
Really fast shooting laser gun? Holy shit! Good for sniping and close up encounters.

Stealth Sniper:
Weapons: Stealth Sniper
Primary fire: Sniper
Secondary fire: Stealth mode
Just like a Sniper, only people have more trouble seeing you

Chem- Warrior:
Weapons: chemical sprayer
Primary fire: Chemical spray
Secondary fire: Chemical grenade
Comes with Chem proof.

Shock trooper:
Weapons: Volt-Autorifle
Primary fire only.
Electricute your enemies!

Weapons: Guass Rifle, Rocket launcher, gattling gun
A mix of 3 nice classes. A weapon for any occasion!

Weapons: Timecop gun, Gattling gun.
Primary fire: buffed railgun shot
Secondary fire: Hyper speed
sniping your enemies in just about one shot is nothing to complain about.

Weapons: Automatic Tib rifle
Primary fire only.
Explosive AND chemical damage.

Flame thrower:
Weapons: Flamethrower
Primary fire: FIRE!
Secondary fire: Fire grenade.

Weapons: Gattling gun
Primary fire: Straight firing
Secondary fire: Explode on impact bullets
Primary fire will destroy your enemies fast and alt fire will take out weak mechs.

You can buy weapons separate from any class.

Blind your enemies while you or your team sneak into their base.

TE.21 Cal:
A step down from the Tib autorifle, yet still powerful.

Mass Driver:
Great for taking out pesky mechs!

Additional 20% armor and additional 10% damage. The more power the better.

Sudden Death: Depending on server settings, it's usually 60 minutes into the game that this occurs. During sudden death everyone in the game will obtain a nuke or ion cannon, which you will lose if you die. During this time, buildings will take quad damage, and your team and opponents team will each have tickets, posted on the left side of your screen. For each team member that dies, you will lose 1 ticket per death. Same goes for your opponent. You usually get 100 tickets, so try to frag more than be fragged.


If your health lower than half of what your full health is, self heal will come into play. Can be used once every 30 seconds.

It takes 4 c4's to destroy the obelisk. But the obeslisk must be down to about 96% before this can be done, so simply shooting an SMG at the MCT will do it, just try not to die before the c4's go off!

Killing engineers and picking up their support pack will give you a Timed c4

The mini refinery can't be hurt by chemical attacks. Simply because it's already in a chemical environment!

The alt fire on the plasma cannon is for faster but less damaging shots.

It takes 15 seconds for a timed-c4 to go off.

Fake crates bounce up and down, while the real power-up crate just spins.

enhanced timed c4's take 9-10% damage, while normal Timed c4's take 7-8%

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Post Re: AOW Tutorial
And special thanks to Voltlock for this information here:

Sudden Death
There is now a Sudden Death mode to help make matches not last for seemingly hours, it quadruples damage done to the Buildings, and said Buildings cannot be repaired while in Sudden Death mode. It begins at 60 minutes of game time.

Crates are found in all the maps - usually in the middle of the map somewhere, or rarely dropped by a killed player. Picking up a crate will usually give a random powerup or sometimes quite rarely a bad crate - such as a bomb killing the player who picked it up or a bomb that does damage to all buildings of that player's team (this is actually quite devastating in Sudden Death mode)
- Bonus Money (depending on aow_bonusamount)
- Stolen Money (same)
- Base Miracle: Heals team's base to max.
- Base Crasher: Damages team's base
- Firepower upgrade (25%)
- Armour upgrade (25%)
- Utility Gun
- Stealth Suit
- Iron Curtain: 30 second Invulnerability.
- Plasma Cannon
- Juggernaut Suit (press INVUSE key to use)
- Fire and Chemical Proof crates: 100% resistance
- Laser, Bullet and Explosive Resistance crates: 50% resistance
- Firestorm Bomb: Kills player and makes a massive firestorm.
- Speed Upgrade
- 250 XP bonus.
- Kamikaze: Turns the player into a bomb, and explodes violently on death.
- Resign Crate: Resigns the player.
- Time Freeze.

The Utility Gun
The Utility Gun is a very powerful tool and can usually turn tides of the game. The weapon can be bought with the Utility Guy class for $650 or can be obtained by a rare Crate.
The Gun comes in 4 separate categories:
- Geometry: Steps, Sandbags, Razorwires
- Defenses: Gun Turrets, Mines
- Pickups: Ammo Refills, player Upgrades, Convenient Mechs
- Caches: Health/Ammo/Super Caches, Base Add-ons
About half of the Utility Gun's choices cost money for the player who builds them.
Utility Gun: Geometry
This is almost a sand-boxing weapon except for Razorwires. But it can be used to build paths over obstacles or to create obstacles for your opponents.
- Razorwire: Self-explanatory; place this in base entrances for best effect. They do considerable damage to enemies and slows them down for a little bit as well. Cost nothing and has a limit of 20.
- Sandbags: A simple, large block of crap just made for getting in the way. Use them to block entrances to the base - but be aware that your team mates use these entrances too. Cost nothing and has no limit.
- Steps: The solution to getting over sandbags in an open area. Small and fragile; these small concrete gravity-defying blocks can be used to make new paths for your team or to get over certain obstacles. They can be built up, down, straight, in singular or 3's. Cost nothing and has no limit. Builds very fast.
Utility Gun: Defenses
Mainly Turrets and Mines. Well, only Turrets and Mines. Everything on this Gun costs money.
- Basic Turret: The main gun turret used by seemingly very little amount of people who like to use the Utility Gun. It has a rate of fire half of the Gattling-Gun, and is very inaccurate. These are best used inside buildings rather than outside. Costs $50, and shares the 50-turret limit with all other turrets.
- Anti-Mech Turret: Simply explained. This turret constantly flashes a red light and will only attack enemy Mechs. It is very accurate and long ranged, but at a slow rate of fire and 6-burst shots - if you happen to get in the way of one of it's shots you'll be certain to survive. It has double health of the basic turret, and high explosive resistance. Costs $50, and takes up 2 slots of the 50-turret limit.
- Repair Turret: Also self-explanatory. Build these turrets only in front of a Terminal or else they'll do nothing or will try to shoot your Repair Facility and only wind up missing. It repairs slowly but in all about the same speed of a normal Engineer's repair gun. It has double health of the Basic Turret. Costs $125, and takes up 2 slots of the 50-turret limit.
- Advanced Gun Turret: The big brother of the Basic Gun Turret. It looks no different as do all turrets. It has double firing rate and is more accurate with double health to support that. It also comes with a loud klaxon blare when it fires at an enemy. Costs $100 and takes up 2 slots of the 50-turret limit.
- Precision Turret (not yet added, but an idea): This'll be the big sister of the Basic Turret. It again looks no different to a normal turret, but it has excellent range and accuracy - think of it as an Anti-Mech Turret but only for Infantry. It fires slowly like the Anti-Mech and in bursts of 6. Not recommended for putting inside buildings. Costs $125 and takes up 2 slots of the 50-turret limit.
- Patch of 5 Mines/Proxy C4: Forget buying a Technician or Demo Expert. Build it yourself with this kit set! :lol: Builds 5 mines/Proxy C4 in a + shape. Costs $80 and takes up 5 slots of the 50-mine limit.
Utility Gun: Caches
Caches are the tall post things with a light shining on the top. They do none other but stand still and create convenient pickups for all players. It also builds the base add-ons.
- Medical Cache: Red light. It spawns 4 small health packs in intervals of 5 seconds. Each health pack restores 10 health.
- Ammo Cache: Blue light. It spawns 4 ammo packs in intervals of 5 seconds. Each pack restores half of what a normal backpack would and does not provide credits on pickup.
- Super Cache: Yellow light. Combines Ammo and Medical cache into one.
- Powerup Cache: Yellow light. Spawns a Grade 2 Armour and Grade 2 Damage pickup on the left side and right side in intervals of 10 seconds. These powerups cannot be stacked with the other powerups that the Utility Gun can build. Costs $250.
- Base Add-on: Mini Refinery: Green light. When built, it provides your entire team with an extra $1 per second of credit flow. It will function even without a Refinery. Costs $3000, only 1 can exist. If not present, the death of the Refinery will spawn a Mini-Refinery on the Repair Facility to aid the team's financial situation.
- Base Add-on: Team Regeneration Cache: Red light. When built, provides your entire team with 1-health per second regeneration rate. Which can be stacked with Medic regeneration and high-rank/no Repair Facility regeneration. Costs $2000, only 1 can exist.
Utility Gun: Pickups
Builds pickup items and a convenient pilotable Raven 'Mech!
- Timed-C4 Ammo: Restores Timed-C4 ammo. This could be useful for a team without the War Factory, or to destroy an enemy base single-handedly!
- Full Refill: The same as doing a Refill in the spawn room.
- Rifle Pack: Gives a Rifle.
- Machine Gun Pack: Gives a Machine Gun.
- Grade 2 Armour: Gives %10 damage reduction on all damage types. Cannot be stacked with the Powerup Cache, but can be stacked with all other armour.
- Grade 2 Damage: Same as above, but with damage.
- Fire Proof: Gives 90% fire damage reduction. Costs $100
- Convenient Raven Mech: Builds a Raven that can be piloted. Comes with 1000 health (which can be repaired) and costs $1200. Like the name suggests - it was made to be convenient to make up for the loss of the War Factory or just to have fun randomly building a 'Mech to fight in instead of going to the War Factory to buy one for $200 less.

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Post Re: AOW Tutorial
You guys got rid of the fake power up crates, but is it going to be removed from the tutorial?

Thu Jun 03, 2010 6:05 pm
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Post Re: AOW Tutorial
The powerup crates being gone is just temporary until we can track down the issue.

Zen Sarcasm

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Post Re: AOW Tutorial
Oh, ok I was just wondering that.

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Post Re: AOW Tutorial
[quote=Metal] Killing engineers and picking up their support pack will give you a Timed c4 [/quote]

Might want to add "25 HP", to make it seem more worthwhile. :D


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Post Re: AOW Tutorial
I tip my hat to you sir.

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Post Re: AOW Tutorial
Good lord, sir, that's a two-year-old topic. Lol. Anyways, a Basic Gameplay Manual of sorts is in the works that supersedes this.

Hell, I didn't even know this topic existed.

Anyway, due to demand, there's a basic gameplay manual of sorts being written: this is what we've got so far.

Sun Mar 18, 2012 6:11 pm
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