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Tip Compilation. 
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Post Tip Compilation.
This is a mini Tips 'n' Tricks guide for all of you All Out War 2 Fan's out there.

However, you may already know most of these tips or may not agree with some, and that is OK, but share them to those who dont know and comment those you find noneffective or that need to be corrected.

Practice good sportsmanship, you where a n00b one too!


According to experts in the game, real-life warfare, and Tzun Tzu's book "The art of War", terrain is one of the 5 main elements that must be taken into account when in battle.
For the utility guys, this is the key element for Defense Placing

Have in mind that the enemy will take cover from the obelisk whenever it can, for it can take 80% of infantry's health in 1 shot or quickly wreck a mech in a few shots.
Prevent the Obelisk from missing blocking the enemy's path to cover with mines, sandbags, Razor Wire, and other static defenses.
Also, place turrets and mini ravens in opportune places, they have to take the enemy down quickly before they have a chance of destroying the defenses of the buildings.

Timecops, Stealth Troopers, Mechs, Demolition Experts, Infantry Strikes... and all of them can be rushing at the same time.
To prevent your base from getting destroyed by these, you have to place defenses where they least expect them.
Every detail in the defense, is in mind for each enemy.

This is very important, they will kill Timecops that teleport into the base and other careless enemy that rushes in. PLACE THEM WHERE THEY ARE NOT VISIBLE FROM OUTSIDE! They must be ambushing to the enemy.

These pesky bastards are the utility's most important target.
When a Stealth trooper is cloaked, they cant be spotted by the Turrets, BUT MINIRAVENS CAN! use them outdoors and in high places where they can see and cover a large area so they hit them and uncloak them. Also, whenever you see a enemy stealth trooper in your Target Info* (name of player that is in your crosshair), TELL IT TO YOUR TEAM! And if you kill it, be a good teamplayer and report his death.

*CL_IdentifyTarget 1 (If you dont know the cmd line)

It's simple, artillery turrets for big walking mechs and regular Mech Turrets for the Orca's. Place them where the mech wouldn't see them in time.
If you are not defending, attack them as soon as possible so they pull back or they get hurt enough to be taken down quickly by the obelisk.

If the enemy has no Barracks or Research Center, Dont worry about Timecops and just focus on perimeter.


"It cost's $400000 Dollars to fire this weapon for twelve seconds... And miss every shot."

So, you are in a mech, a HUGE gun that deals a HUGE amount of Damage costs a HUGE amount of money.
But you are Slow! and you are not well fitted for all targets!

So let's se. Basic Mechs advice.
But dont be a Pussy...

Whenever you can, before taking a mech (Mostly if it's a Heavy Advanced Mech like a Madcat or a Titan or a Guardian) buy the Medic Class.
It's regeneration will be tons useful for making the mech last. But remember: NOTHING INCREASES A MECH'S CHANCES OF SURVIVAL LIKE A UTILITY GUY WITH AN ADVANCED REPAIRGUN.

*EJECT MECHS IF ABOUT TO DIE (Completely Mandatory in Sudden Death)
*Make the weapon worth it's payment.
*Mechs play best at defense
*Plan which mechs to use before a mech rush. The group must be supported by techs and ready for all targets

Based on what your weapon is best suited for and the chances of hitting it.

Orca: GOOD Vs Infantry, Titans, and Madcats at a long range.
WEAK Vs Gauss Gunners, Guardians, Wolverines, Missile/Rocket Troopers, Obelisk.
Usage: Surprise Attacks, Flanking.
Raven: Good Vs Slow Or Laser Resistant Infantry.
Weak Vs Artillery Cannons, Obelisk, Bigger Mechs.
Usage: Running Infantry Over
Wolverine: Good Vs Infantry at Close/Mid range, Orcas and Ravens. (Also good against the Obelisk's terminal when covered from its fire)
Weak Vs Heavy Mechs, Artillery Cannons, Obelisk.
Usage: Close Quarter Infantry Suppression.
Madcat: Good Vs Light Mechs, Infantry in Medium to Close Range, Obelisk (When rushing with other mechs).
Weak Vs Titans, Obelisk, Artillery Cannons.
Usage: Use LMR and PPC at a distance and use the Shock Rifle for infantry in close range and for Orcas.
Titan: Good Vs Obelisk, Mechs except Orca and Guardian, ChemProof Infantry.
Weak Vs Artillery Cannons, Guardian, Fireproof Infantry.
Usage: 80mm cannon for long range, LMR for Mid range, Flamer for close range and infantry.
Guardian: Good Vs All Mechs, Obelisk.
Weak Vs Infantry.
Usage: STAY CLOSE TO BASE, Your main Ion/Nuke Artillery is Strong VS Anything Vulnerable.

Things you may not know about All Out War 2 (Build r2539-4)

*If you fly over the enemy proxy mines with a Jumpjet Infantry. You will trigger the mines. They will not affect you if you are high enough.
*Enemy mines can be shot down by Energy-Based Weapons (Shock Rifle, Gauss, Laser Rifle/Chaingun, Wolverine's Pulse Cannon, Madcat's PPC & Shock Rifle, etc.)
*The Rifle can pierce through Sandbags & other objects.
*You can hide from the enemy obelisk behind it's purchase terminal.
*Buildings receive much more damage in Sudden Death, besides, they cant be repaired
*If you have a explosive resistant armor, you can use the Artillery Cannon's secondary fire to jump high distances. (Not recommended in a Laser Resistant Armor)
*Medic's healgun cant repair mechs (This is obvious, but i still see people trying it. STOP TRYING IDIOTS!)
*Mechs can be rearmed by a Utility guy's Full refill Pack.

(Shouldnt write more due to character limit)

Mon Dec 03, 2012 2:12 am
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Post Re: Tip Compilation.
cool stuff brah
TACxupete wrote:
  • Orca:
  • GOOD Vs Infantry, Titans, and Madcats at a long range.
  • WEAK Vs Gauss Gunners, Guardians, Wolverines, (Good) Ravens, Missile/Rocket Troopers, Obelisk, Titan 100mm (big, fast projectile)
  • Usage: Surprise Attacks, Flanking, Killing snipers, Infantry

Tweaked some info there for you.

Mon Dec 03, 2012 8:23 am
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Post Re: Tip Compilation.
TACxupete wrote:
Things you may not know about All Out War 2 (Build r2539-4)

TACxupete wrote:
Whenever you can, buy the Medic Class.

Thing that you may not know that medics have -20% to damage, that makes mech rushes almost pointless. Medic in mech is good only for fags, who use woverine/raven/ocra, and only when thay are just spaming.

TACxupete wrote:
artillery turrets

Worst way to protect from mechs.

The idea is good, but there is aow wiki for it. Besides who need the information like "KNOW YOUR TARGETS" for mechs? This knowlage is good only when you know what classes excaclty do every player in opposite team uses (in fact you don't know a shit)

Mon Dec 03, 2012 12:06 pm
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Post Re: Tip Compilation.
I like this because it's a good "Short Introduction" kind of thing. (I mean obviously every veteran around here knows this stuff, but why not have basic knowledge available.)

Mon Dec 03, 2012 2:51 pm

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Post Re: Tip Compilation.
The wiki should be torn down in favour of a straight-to-the-point "basic strategy guide", as there's a lot of information on the site to update over tons of pages.

Mon Dec 03, 2012 4:26 pm
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Post Re: Tip Compilation.
TACxupete wrote:

On a slightly more serious note, a lot of current util 'tactics' will be pretty ineffective with the new release. You'll have to use stairs in place of sandbags, and mines will be pretty easy to get past. Shitting turrets everywhere will probably still be pretty effective though (unless the count's altered for individual maps)

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Post Re: Tip Compilation.
Titan: Good Vs Obelisk, Mechs except Orca and Guardian, ChemProof Infantry.


The titan is actually very well against orcas.

The cannon, LRM, cannon combo is quite deadly for them and both, cannon as well as the LRMs (especially due to the amount of rockets) are relatively easy to hit.

Wolverine, Madcat and especially titans are quite deadly for orcas and I highly prefer a titan for orcas ;) almost always guaranteed death.

Sat Sep 14, 2013 1:55 pm
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Post Re: Tip Compilation.
Orcas are scrap metal vs. any other mech. Ravens might not be able to wreck them in a split second like a quick 100mm/LRM-20 salvo, but ravens can chase orcas when they run away and snipe them down. Even a quick LRM-10 and Wolv miniguns can cripple an orca.

Seriously, they're only good against infantry, and only if that infantry doesn't have a heavy anti-mech gun.

I still think they're too cheap for what they are, though. They have the huge advantage of flying and massive range/ram damage, so I think them being cheaper than the much less flexible Raven is pretty amusing.

At least, it'd make them a tad less spammable for the easiest kind of kills in the game.

Sat Sep 14, 2013 4:27 pm
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