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AOW2 - r1627 
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Post AOW2 - r1627
I'm trying to get some testing for revision 1627 of AOW later today.
Files: and

This is not the release itself, the idea is to hunt for bugs online. After the test run, I will include the map into trunk assuming nothing's critically wrong with it, iron out the bugs and release the new version. This time it ought not be a disaster.


Pre-r1601 changes:
- Replaced Stealth Sniper with Kamikaze class [Nightfall]
- aow_surrendermode now properly shows up as a cvar [Eruanna]
- Made red laser chaingun sprites less... brown. [Minigunner]
- New Utility Gun graphics and code for them [Minigunner, Nightfall]
- Forced a client-side delay in the insanity guy's plasma pistol fire state. Hopefully this will fix the "double-ball" problem. [Eruanna]
- Remote C4s now self-disarm if its planter refills or dies [Nightfall]
- Caches now check to see if players can see them on spawn. If not, they destroy themselves. [Eruanna]
- AOW06 - Disabled Mechs for this map [Metal]
- Added new Self Heal, based on the code and resources by Xaser [Dark Slayer, Nightfall]
- Plasma rifle can no longer overheat 6% at once. [Nightfall]
- Optimized the Intel HUD bandwidth-wise with yet another revamp. Much better this way. [Nightfall]
- Timed and Remote C4 are no longer affected by Tiberium Crystals [Nightfall]
- Added Qent's surrender edits [Nightfall]
- Clientsided the Ion Cannon Beacon effects in effort to reduce bandwidth usage [Nightfall]
- Made regenerator check code more sensible. Also if regenerator fails to spawn, the game no longer assumes it has been built. [Nightfall]
- Kamikaze can no longer harm own buildings [Nightfall]
- Clientsided flame effects for bandwidth reduction [Nightfall]
- Precision turret projectile damage buffed from 10 to 18 [Nightfall]
- Utility Guy's Full Refill pack now refills Remote C4 and elemental grenades [Nightfall]
- Added juggernaut counter to plasma cannon / time cop checker [Eruanna]
- Revamped Plasma Cannon code - red plasma cannon balls are now red [Nightfall]
- Utility Gun now bobs [Nightfall]
- Mini Refinery's marker's size now matches that of the Mini Refinery itself [Nightfall]
- Renamed Plasma Rifle from AOWPlasmaRifle to PlasmaGun - consistency is good [Nightfall]
- Chem actors upscaled [Minigunner]
- Shotgun is now a tad stronger [Nightfall]
- Jumpjet gun accuracy is now that of regular gattling gun [Nightfall]
- Gauss rifle primary puff, laser rifle and laser chaingun puff is now displayed as a voltage spark instead of the old dumb bullet puff [Nightfall]
- In-field teleportation now attempts ten times before giving up instead of just trying to teleport once. [Nightfall]
- Disabled mechs and removed airstrikes on AOW07 [Nightfall]
- Removed the annoying ambient bug sound. [Nightfall]
- Powerup crates and Tiberium sound actors now spawn map markers - locations of Tiberium and Powerup Crate now show up on the automap [Nightfall]
- Mini-Ravens are now immune to own team Razor Wires [Nightfall]
- Laser Chaingun's visual rails no longer leave puffs [Nightfall]
- Revamped Timed C4 and added an explosion flame cluster for visual [Nightfall]
- Gauss rifle Alt-Fire buffed from 110 to 160. MechPlayer_OrcaVTOL goes down in 5 hits. [Nightfall]
- Added Floating Platforms to Utility Gun [Nightfall]
- Turrets and caches can now stand on steps [Nightfall]
- New map, AOW05: Mercury, replaces Volcanicity [Nightfall]
- Updated signs to reflect cost/title changes [Nightfall]
- New map: AOW19: Valley by dj-jo with rework by Minigunner
- Fixed bug where a mech-getting player disconnecting would paralyze the War Factory. [Nightfall]
- Chemical proof now implies immunity to ChemicalSpecial as well. No sense in chem warriors getting hurt by Tiberium.. [Nightfall]
- Changed my code tag from [RZ] to [NF] [Nightfall]
- Added trash quality razor-ub.ogg [Nightfall]

Post-r1601 changes:
- Sliced up aow2scrp.acs to subfiles, 18(!) new ACS files have been created! [Nightfall]
- Fixed a bug where dying while holding self heal with no ammo crashed the game. [Nightfall]
- Nerfed Orca's machinegun and landslide damage [Nightfall]
- Mechs and Plasma Cannon now have death-starting cooldown (Plasma cannon's existing cooldown now only serves for the first five minutes) [Nightfall]
- Juggernaut no longer has Heavy Gauss - although it has been given the ability to move while firing in return [Nightfall]
- Made Wolverine's minigun less accurate [Nightfall]
- Revamped mech hud - repositioned it and made reloading items appear red *in the hud* instead of having their own hudmessages. More simple and less obstructive! [Nightfall]
- War Factory hanger door now deconstructs any Utility items underneath - no more sandbags blocking WF doors. [Nightfall]
- Repair facility now stops repairing you if you die while on the pad [Nightfall]
- Revamped health/ammo regenerator code - instead of a RESPAWN script it is now an OPEN script that handles all players at once. [Nightfall]
- Death-starting cooldown can now be adjusted with a new cvar: aow_cooldown (is in minutes, defaults to 2 and can be disabled with -1) [Nightfall]
- Utility gun item limit checks now rely on counting functions (in acs_menu.acs - recycling is good) to count the amount of items built. No need for crappy variable systems that are bound to break... [Nightfall]
- Jumpjet revamped once again - the guy now has twin jet boosters in his boots! [Nightfall]

Sun Jan 30, 2011 3:19 pm
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Post Re: r1627 testing
1: what is Death-starting cooldown?
2: wtf repair pad once did repair you even if you died O.o? (gotta try that out)

Mon Jan 31, 2011 12:06 pm
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Post Re: r1627 testing
Do you want me to host it?

And I'd like to post a youtube video of a full length match. It is good for showing the gameplay and I added commentary (in german though).

In which forum I can post it here? General or rather offtopic?^^

Mon Jan 31, 2011 9:08 pm
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Post Re: r1627 testing
This was only a pre release for testing purposes, but i have no problems with this.
This would help find some more bugs if there are any existent.

Tue Feb 01, 2011 5:24 am
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Post Re: r1627 testing
Yeah, we found a couple of bugs in it - I will release the new version once I get those ironed out. ;)

Tue Feb 01, 2011 8:04 am
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