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AOW2 - r1758 
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Post AOW2 - r1758
About time we got a new beta out for testing! Note that this build contains no music due to file size issues.

Known issues:
- AOW20 does not have a Time Cop portal yet.
- Frag grenade shrapnel isn't subject to gravity.
- Credits/exp hud doesn't show until you die for the first time.
- Repair facility death remains heralded by the announcer

- Merged patch to trunk [Nightfall]
- Games are now independant of the Repair Facility. Each building now only gives a single point, pointlimit now being 5. [Nightfall]
- Revamped Tiberium crystals, they are now inventory items instead of weapons. Only harvesters may pick them up. Crystal radiative damage 3x, range 1.5x. Also crystals now emit clientside chemical smoke. [Nightfall]
- Tiberium carriers now let off chemsmoke despite which weapon they wield. [Nightfall]
- AOW05: fixed elevators - they were calling the wrong actor to deconstruct utility items from the elevator door [Nightfall]
- Added lilmoder's new utility step sprites [Nightfall]
- Research purchase signs now lower to the ground when purchased. This, however, won't happen on AOW05 or AOW18 due to the switches residing in cavity sectors which cannot be manipulated via ACS. [Nightfall]
- Removed voice chat #include and binds from keyconf [Nightfall]
- Rewrote credit flow code, fixing the 'double credit flow exploit' in the process [Nightfall]
- Replaced Vulnerability crate with a chicken crate! Pretty much same effect but much funnier. :P [Nightfall]
- Cleaned Obelisk code, removed code dupes [Nightfall]
- Gave the experience system an overhaul, killing an exploit in which a red private player with no barracks could get +20HP every time they chose a class and could stack the said HP extra [Nightfall]
- Adjusted player decorate indentation [Nightfall]
- Buffed the Kamikaze's short-range power quite a *lot*... it should now be a threat to buildings. Especially on sudden death! o_o [Nightfall]
- Amplified the boink and rank-up sounds and removed double-calls to LocalAmbientSound, this should get rid of the twin-play of the sounds that tends to happen when ping is high. [Nightfall]
- Converted MAPINFO to newer syntax, changed sky1's in some maps (AOW01, 03, 04, 07, 18, 20), changed STSKY8 -> STARS as it looks less shitty [Nightfall]
- Changed the logic the crate picks its effect from a random() call to a timer based one. Looks like RNG can't be trusted here. [Nightfall]
- wnukage is now warped with the primary effect instead of the watery-like [Nightfall]
- Remote C4 Detonator can now be activated in spawn room. [Nightfall]
- Downsized the amount of superweapon effect actors spawned, fps++ [Dark-Slayer, Nightfall]
- Adjusted SBARINFO - use white instead of untranslated pastel yellow, health is displayed as yellow/red on 50hp/25hp, respectively. [Nightfall]
- Added shrapnel to the frag grenade. [Eric]
- New Shell Casings. Old ones were shit. [Dark-Slayer]
- Syringes will now disappear after a while. [Dark-Slayer]
- Fixed Knife Select Clipping. [Dark-Slayer]
- Added Animation to Proxy C4. [Dark-Slayer]
- Proxy C4 is now laid faster [Nightfall]
- Reduced grenade launcher grenade damage by a very small amount. [Nightfall]
- Made Suicide Crate's crate values more spread-out. [Nightfall]
- Increased Mini-Refinery building range from 96 units from player's feet to 144 units to compensate to Tiberium crystals' damage buff. [Nightfall]
- Reduced mini-ref turret range to a quarter. The current range was ridiculous. [Nightfall]
- Fixed Model Interpolation Issues with Bazooka and Mass Driver [Dark-Slayer]
- Fixed Mass Driver Shell Casings. Now uses the new ones. [Dark-Slayer]
- Added -NOBLOCKMONST to all mechs except orca. [Dark-Slayer]
- AOW12: Fixed Outer Cliff Lines. Now no-one can climb the mountains. [Dark-Slayer]
- AOW15: Added Monster Block Lines to stop mechs from climbing ladders built for humans. (Used with -NOBLOCKMONST Flag) [Dark-Slayer]
- AOW15: Adjusted and moved Blue's 'In Cliff' Tib Room, Now same size and opposite position as Red's. [Dark-Slayer]
- AOW15: Made peek holes in each 'In Cliff' Tib Room able to shoot through and is a little bigger. [Dark-Slayer]
- AOW15: Added Secondary Sniper Window to the left of the original one in the War Factory. [Dark-Slayer]
- Kamikaze is now known as Suicide Bomber [Nightfall]
- Changed the Bomb Pack explosion effect to a single, big boom. [Nightfall]
- Fixed a typo in blue Mini-Refinery destruction intel message. [Nightfall]
- Added new Time Cop class - this time the class is a supporter, capable of giving short-time powerups for your team and weakening enemies! [Nightfall, Eric]
- Updated Time Cop stats card and sign [Nightfall]
- Added intel message which tells when Time Cop is accessible [Nightfall]
- Cleansed CVar acs code a tad [Nightfall]
- Tiberium Autorifle now displays burst count in secondary ammo slot. [Nightfall]
- Tiberium Autorifle shot impact no longer causes smoke puffs. fps++ [Nightfall]
- Utility steps are now immune to Razor Wire damage. [Nightfall]
- Added Haze's mass driver sprites. [Nightfall]

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