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AOW - r1799 w/ Patch r1811 
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Post AOW - r1799 w/ Patch r1811
yaaaay new beta up. No music again, except for AOW20 which has music.
- Chicken crate can no longer be acquired as mech [Nightfall]
- Repairing XP bonuses now causes beeps again [Nightfall]
- Fixed: friendly stealth sight bugged so that everybody could see all stealths [Nightfall]
- Many crate effects no longer can be duped (like getting a Time Gun crate while already having a Time Gun). [Nightfall]
- Reduced mine health from 300 to 200. [Nightfall]
- Self-heal is no longer issued to insane players. [Nightfall]
- Timed C4 bombs no longer have +GHOST, added +THRUGHOST to Bomb Squad Gun. This should make Timed C4 easier to disarm as the repair shots will no longer be blocked by the terminal actor. To counterbalance this, however, timed C4 have more health. [Nightfall]
- Renamed the n_tv* textures I had made to nf-* textures. Less confusion and I get to know where my textures are. AOW05 and AOW18 edited accordingly. [Nightfall]
- ACS source file prefix changed from acs_* to a_*. [Nightfall]
- Time gun effect puffs now cause a small explosion, forcing the player to get the pickup even if they are standing still. Enemies take a little bit of damage from this. [Nightfall]
- Removed homing from time gun burst attack. [Nightfall]
- Fixed: Time gun menu only showed up for one player at a time. Others saw no menu at all. [Nightfall]
- Backpacks now give two time gun ammo instead of one. [Nightfall]
- Moved some ACS stuff from main file to subfiles. [Nightfall]
- Removed pointless laser chaingun restriction from stealth troopers. [Nightfall]
- Deleted empty sbarscrp.acs file. [Nightfall]
- Fixed: Time gun teleportation effect attempted to teleport once only. If something was blocking the destination the teleportation failed. [Nightfall]
- Instead of ruining stealth, time gun's buff effects are now no-op if the target has a stealth weapon. [Nightfall]
- Fixed: Time gun effect hues were not properly removed on resign. [Nightfall]
- Time gun oops situation now outright kills you instead of turning you into a chicken. Too many bugs were caused by the time gun turning players into chickens. Chicken crate remains, however. [Nightfall]
- Stealth pain flash duration lowered from 50 to 40. [Nightfall]
- Fixed: Players could "double-purchase" health/ammo regenerators by purchasing another before the first one had fully been built. [Nightfall]
- Chemical decays no longer cause damage thrusting [Nightfall]
- Harvesters with Tiberium crystals now drop their crystal when they die. [Nightfall]
- Added proper harvester mech handling to the new Tiberium system and re-enabled harvester mechs as a result. [Nightfall]
- Swapped Time Cop and Suicide Bomber switches to correct dependency tagging. [Nightfall]
- Added team unbalance compensation: if a one team has 5/3 times the members of the other team, the weaker team will be given armor/damage upgrades until balance is regained. [Nightfall]
- Revamped Mass driver code and touched up the obituaries. The weapon should behave the same, however. [Nightfall]
- Added desertion check - if a team fully leaves, the other team is declared winner. [Nightfall]
- Compensation and desertion now only take effect if team switching is enabled. [Nightfall]
- Fixed a problem with Red's BTOs not exploding while Blue's will [Dark-Slayer]
- Made AOW02's tib fields a little bigger [Dark-Slayer]
- Added AOW20 update

- Commented team desertion code out. [Nightfall]
- Fixed: Barrels were affected by disarm/repair guns
- AOW02: Removed a few unneeded actors. [Dark-Slayer]
- Fixed: Bomb pack caused disarm sound even if it blew up. [Nightfall]
- Toned down the Bomb pack damage a tad. [Nightfall]
- Added Medic's Frag Grenade rework
- Added AOW20 fix
- Reworked Medic Gun - it will only now fire if targeted at a teammate or shooting at own feet. Should help in healing teammates. [Nightfall]
- Fixed: Mechs, upon ranking, got their health reset to 140hp for instance. [Nightfall]
- Purged the defunct stealth sniper rifle. [Nightfall]
- Added altfire to Medic Gun which contains the "weapon's" old behavior. [Nightfall]
- Clientside effect script 358 will no longer be executed by bots. [Nightfall]
- Time Gun effects now all four use 30 ammo, balanced effects accordingly. If a player has a time gun when they die, they die with the time fade-out animation. [Nightfall]
- Timed C4 now displays the delay correctly. [Nightfall]

Wed May 04, 2011 6:58 pm
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Post Re: AOW - r1799
Added r1810 beta patch.

Sat May 07, 2011 11:56 am
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Post Re: AOW - r1799 w/ r1810 patch
Fixed patch - old version had a bad directory tree.

Sat May 07, 2011 12:04 pm
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Post Re: AOW - r1799 w/ Patch r1811
Bumped patch to r1811.. DECALDEF was causing errors because of the stealth sniper deletion.

Sat May 07, 2011 12:09 pm
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Post Re: AOW - r1799 w/ Patch r1811

Sat May 07, 2011 5:28 pm
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Post Re: AOW - r1799 w/ Patch r1811
-=Dark-Slayer=- wrote:

Nawwwwww.. Image

*insert trollface.jpg here*

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Music project back up : Needing a new host.

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