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AOW2 - r2131 
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Post AOW2 - r2131
It's this time of the year again! Don't get confused by the relatively small revision numbers... I hope you're lined up, this is a big one.

- Fixed: texture dantnbbn lost its transparency after compression. [Dusk]
- Added a sidenote about teamswitch command to compensation message. [Dusk]
- Added new shell sprites - these are meant to replace the grossly high-res (like 33x) silver shell sprites. [Dusk]
- Grenade launcher now uses stock Skulltag grenade graphics. [Dusk]
- Updated Red Plasma Cannon sprites, made it less pink. [Dusk]
- Made sandbags use less bandwidth by making them only spawn the side-blockers once and removing the said side-blockers through master/minion relationships. [Dusk]
- Removed the now unused lolhats actors. [Dusk]
- Added Thetis' updates to chemical shots - removed splash damage but increased impact damage
- Fixed: Caches could be repaired, even past their spawn health. [Dusk]
- Added new rifle sprites. [Dusk]
- Rewrote repair guns - much more bw friendly now! [Dusk]
   - As a consequence, medic can no longer heal himself. This is compensated by increased health regen and healing radii.
   - With the rewritten code, the medic now gets experience for healing others!
   - As another benefit, the repair gun now refuses to repair enemy terminals.
   - As yet another benefit, the medic and repair guns no longer heal enemy players either.
- Added a new powerup crate sprite - an edit of the rocket box. [Dusk]
- Many powerups now flash like those of Doom's. [Dusk]
- Added UT2003(?) explosion sprites. [Dark-Slayer]
   - Removed 'flame explosions' - the ut explosions replace these as well. They were shitty anyway. Chemical explosions remain. [Dusk]
- Removed now unused states from terminals. [Dusk]
- Corrected obituaries: replaced "got" with "was": "%o got killed" -> "%o was killed" for instance. [Dusk]
- Fixed: Medic and support packs were using bogus pickup sprites. [Dusk]
- Added thetis' guardian recolor - it should translate properly now.
- Merged EnhancedTimedC4 and TimedC4 to one weapon. EnhancedTimedC4 is now a dummy inventory item. [Dusk]
- Added dynamic lights for many objects within the game. Thanks Eric for the base. [Thetis]
- Timed/Remote C4, Proxy mines and Beacons are now inventory bar items rather than weapons. pretty big change yeah [Dusk]
- Reinstated Bomb crate. [Dusk]
- Merged Repair Gun and Enhanced Repair Gun to one - RepairGunUpgrade is now a dummy boolean item. [Dusk]
- Removed cooldown from timegun teleport. [Dusk]
- Added new puff sprites from Unreal Tournament. [Dark-Slayer]
- Moved some obits to language.txt
- Miniravens now take 0.75x damage from fists. [Dusk]
- Added Disarm crate. Takes away all your weapons. Replaces Demoralization. [Dusk]
- Added Thetis' AI marines, which in turn are edits of Unknownna's coop marines.
- Added a "marine  beacon" which summons one of them. Is a crate effect. [Dusk]
- Changed medic regen crate to healing radius crate. Unlike medic's healing radii, this does not refill. [Dusk]
- Added some TF2 Heavy sounds for Disarm Crate. Thanks Espio! :P [Dusk]
- Increased player speed from 0.75 to 0.875. [Dusk]
- Added ability to repair mechs, though the process is rather slow and thus won't work very well if the mech is under attack. Yields exp. [Dusk]
- Added more software-friendly ion blast effect. [Dusk]
- Added the seventh stealth death sound to SNDINFO. The sound was there all along but never was actually defined into the death sound. [Dusk]
- Added Thetis' wolverine recolor.
- Added Thetis' dropitem assignments to weapons.
- Titan now fires flamer if lrms are being reloaded. [Dusk]
- Oh fuck: changed Juggernaut into Guardian mech. Armed with twin 80mm shells, SRM-15's, twin flak cannons and four rounds of nuke, this metal-
   tearing behemoth takes mechs down really quickly, but moves slow and is vulnerable to infantry fire. [Dusk]
   - Juggernaut crate subsequently changed into Guardian crate.
- Replaced Flashbangs with Chainsaw. [Thetis, Dusk]
- Added signposts and class cards for chainsaw and Guardian. [Dusk]
- Open Deck moved up to slot 8. [Dusk]
- Added Chainsaw crate. [Dusk]
- Utility guy can now spawn barrels. Useful for ambushing. ;) [Dusk]
- Added a marine skin for the chainsaw. From Marine Skins. [Dusk]
- Added a proper inventory bar! Graphics based on NiGHTMARE's textures. [Dusk]
- Slightly adjusted obelisk obituary. [Dusk]
- Added Hjalg's updates to AOW20 and revamp of AOW21.
   (note: AOW21's new music left out until I know what the track is and where is it from.)
- AOW12: Added a software-friendly 8-bit sky. OpenGL-users keep their true-color sky. [Dusk]
- AOW13: Made the forcefield pulsing clientsided. This should fix a lot of bw issues on the map... [Dusk]
- Rebalanced machine gun: in contrast to gatling gun, the machine gun trades power for accuracy. Outperforms gatling gun at longer range, but lacks the firepower to perform well at close. [Dusk]
- Added a new machine gun sound - AK74 firing sound from Soldat.
- BTO's now award properly for external damage - this means that if you destroy a building from the outside (via mech or beacon for instance), you will be given points properly. [Dusk]
- Added a new clientside CCMD: showarmor. Displays the current real-time armor values. [Dusk]

Fri Nov 04, 2011 6:34 pm
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Post Re: AOW2 - r2131
We found several bugs yesterday. The testing run was fun though. The game seems so much more balanced since no weapon showed to outshine everything. One thing we found out is that people love the chainsaw.

Sat Nov 05, 2011 12:21 pm
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Post Re: AOW2 - r2131
yay no medicsurfing

Sat Nov 05, 2011 6:17 pm
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