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Author:  Dusk [ Tue Feb 14, 2012 11:51 pm ]
Post subject:  AOW2 - r2392

After three months again, the new beta is finally out!


- Fixed: Frag grenade shrapnel used wrong sprites because of a sprite conflict. [Dusk]
- AOW01: Red team can no longer see the blue base from their base. [Konda]
- Weapons will no longer autoswitch to the new weapons given from crates. [Konda]
- Flamer, Knife, Rifle and Laser Rifle will no longer deselect if alt fire is attempted to be used with no ammo. [Dusk]
- compat_oldrandom is no longer enforced off. [Dusk]
- Commented out compensation messages. [Dusk]
- Implemented armor grades. This is a near-rewrite of AOW's armor system. Armor grades range from -1 to 5 with six modifiers. [Dusk]
   - a_armrhud.acs deleted, moved armor display and SetArmorGrade to a_armour.acs [Dusk]
   - AI marines updated accordingly. [Dusk]
   - Added crucial/constants.txt. New DECORATE constants go here. [Dusk]
- Miscallenous stuff from aow2scrp.acs moved to a_misc.acs. [Dusk]
- Removed powerup caches for being completely useless. [Dusk]
- Consistency update: armour -> armor. [Dusk]
- Added Sudden Death degeneration: set aow_degeneration to 1 to activate. When enabled, in Sudden death buildings will take 1% damage every interval seconds. Interval is determined by aow_degenerationinterval, 10 by default. [Dusk]
- Updated the Rifle visually. [Dark-Slayer]
- Stopped Knife offsetting other weapons while they are being selected. [Dark-Slayer]
- Added new HUD graphics. [Wartorn]
   - Updated SBARINFO to take new graphics into use. [Dusk]
- Added a rudimentary display for armor grades. [Dusk]
- Updated armor elevator signpost. [Dusk]
- Added extra BRIGHT flags to the Rifle's Fire states [Dark-Slayer]
- Some cleanup in ion fx code.. [Dusk]
- Fixed: Ion smoke had double the alpha... but didn't have double the fadeout rate, which caused the smoke to appear choppy in software. [Dusk]
- Ion cannon beam now appears immediately after the beacon goes off. A minor spice-up... [Dusk]
- Minor fix to base hud logic. When tickets run out, they will really appear as 0. [Dusk]
- Medic Gun renamed to Heal Gun. [Dusk, Medicris]
- Self-heal syringe is now an inventory item. [Dusk]
- The "broken shop tray" -textures in AOW06 now animate properly. [Dusk]
- Added Bodycount gamemode. Alt-game mode activated with aow_gametype 2. In this gamemode, people fight for points. 1 frag = 1 point, mechs mean more points, 1 C4 = 2 points. 1 Remote C4 = 1 point. 1 building = 40 points. Team with most points wins at timelimit (by default 40:00) or at base destruction. [Medicris, Dusk]
- Damage overtime no longer deals the fatal blow to the player. This should allow players with flamers and chemsprayers actually get their frags reliably. [Dusk]
- Fixed flamer sounds. Should sound less choppy online. [Dusk]
- [Mapinfo] Added a defaultmap with clipmidtextures (among others). This should fix any and all bleeding midtexture issues. I don't understand why this was not done before. [Dusk]
- Cleaned up repair facility scripts. [Dusk]
- Cleaned up BTO decorate. [Dusk]
- Fixed: AI marines did not reduce ticket count on death. [Dusk]
- AOW12-14: Fixed Res and Ref non-blocking lines in these maps.
- Added a script for screen recoil... A_SetPitch doesn't exist, the script is a workaround for it. [Dusk]
- Added health display for repair and heal guns. [Dusk]
- Re-added the IsMCT item to the MCT actors | Stops defensive turrets targeting them while the repair turret can. [Dark-Slayer]
- Increased Timed C4 and Remote C4 throwing speed. [Dusk]
- Weapon selling no longer needs a class. [Dusk]
- Removed error message when trying to open up hanger. Was redundant. [Dusk]
- Fixed: Suicide bomber could get and use C4. [Dusk]
- Added full checks for duplicate crates - you can no longer get redundant crates. [Dusk]
- Fixed: Display name check (used in donation menu for instance) used wrong checks for mechs. [Dusk]
- Crate's automap marker appears centered now. [Dusk]
- Added new crate logic for determining crate effect, this should remove the crate's tendency favoring certain effects over other ones. [Dusk]
- Fixed: Restealth after getting harmed didn't activate work properly. [Dusk]
- Structured sound files into subdirectories. [Dusk]
- Texture organization: textures renamed to lowercase, sky textures moved to skies/. [Dusk]
- Fixed: Utility full refill would give even mechs full health. [Dusk]
- showarmor command renumbered to 981 to resolve script number conflict with AOW05. [Dusk]
- AOW01-04, 08-09, 11, 20: Fixed lines that should be impassable. [Dark-Slayer]
- Split miscobjects.txt, actors moved to separate files. [Dusk]
- Barrels are now immune to ChemicalSpecial. This allows barrels to be positioned near Tiberium. [Dusk]
- Added an event handler system - this allows maps to catch events and cause effects natively. [Dusk]
- Bomb crate now is an 5-second delay kamikaze explosion. [Dusk]
- Added giver items for tiberium autorifle, shotgun and machinegun so that they disappear for a while after being picked up. [Dusk]
- All items now can be used to eject mechs. [Dusk]
- Added klaxon mapmarkers for klaxon and artillery turrets. Forgot who suggested this but I found it in my todo list so yeah.. [Dusk]
- Hopefully fixed any and all issues with infinite medic xp.. [Dusk]
- Increased criteria for marines: needs to be difference of 2 now. Should fix the problem of both teams having 1 marine all the time. [Dusk]
- Applied the new emerald playpal! woot! [Dusk]
- Raven speed increased from 0.7 to 0.85, AC2 projectile speed increased from 200 to 250. [Dusk]
- Added Wartorn's sub-machinegun sprites.
- Added new sub-machinegun sounds, taken from Borderlands. [Dark-Slayer]
- Modified sub-machinegun code to be more robust. Balanced against Medicris' sub-machinegun edit. [Dusk]
- Applied +NODAMAGETHRUST to razor wire and repair guns. [Dusk]
- Added new SFALL* edits. They look a lot better than the iwad ones do imho. [Dusk]
- Added Medicris' sprite replacements.
- War factory compensation (10%+ armor) is now only given if the enemy team has the war factory. [Dusk]
- Buffed enhanced repair gun disarm damage from 4 to 7 (normal repair is 9). [Dusk]
- Plasma rifle: damage fixed to 15 from 10-20, speed reduced to 27
- Fixed: A player running around in a multi-sector composed repair facility could stack the repair effect. [Dusk]
- Increased regen build exp bonus from 100 to 125 exp. [Dusk]
- Changed beacon plant sounds to plain A_PlaySounds. [Dusk]
- Revamped AOW14 heavily, changing theme and gameplay radically. Map renamed to Emerald Wasteland, uses the title screen music Face The Enemy 1 from Red Alert. [Dusk]
   - Removed skybox "The Fog" in favor of 14's "Cyclone" skybox. [Dusk]
- Toned down explosions (again) [Dark-Slayer]
- Fixed: d_aow13.s3m was actually an .it. Renamed. [Dusk]
- Added Medicris' laser chaingun pickup sprite.
- Stealth in/out is now rendered in additive translucency. Little tweak experiment.. [Dusk]
- Added Medicris' laser rifle edits.
   - Smoothened out laser rifle firing animation a tad. [Dusk]
- Fixed DECORATE warnings. [Dusk]
- Gauss rifle alt-fire converted to ExplosionMech (160 explosion to 100 anti-mech) to deal the same damge to mechs but be useless against infantry. [Dusk]
- Fixed: Utility gun could save its build progress by deselecting. [Dusk]
- Re-added airstrikes to AOW07. [Dusk]
- Mechs can now get ammo from repair facility even when they're at full health. [Dusk]
- Plasma cannon now does less damage to building exteriors. [Dusk]
- Replaced Bazooka with Missile Launcher. A heavy rocket launcher which can fire homing missiles if you aim accurately enough. [Dusk]
- Moved map-specific scripts to event handlers. (AOW05, AOW21) [Dusk]
- AOW15: Made ladders non-mech. Removed block monsters flag for Orcas. [Qent]
- Largely revamped the base health HUD code. Updates to it are now instant. [Dusk]
- Also added Medicris' medic class sign.
- Moved sign sprites to signs/. [Dusk]
- Renamed Mass Driver to Artillery Cannon. Class is now known as Artillery Soldier. [Dark-Slayer, Dusk, Medicris]
- Moved weapon sprites to sprites/weapons [Dusk]
- Medic class renamed to Field Medic. [Medicris, Dusk]
- Added dropitem propery to utility gun, removed obituary. [Dusk]
- Added a new ccmd, showspeed, that lets player see their current speed factor. [Dusk]
- Stealth speed reduced from 1.05 to 0.95. [Dusk, Eric]
- Moved open deck scripts to a_opendeck.acs. [Dusk]
- Removed old explosion graphics.. what were they still doing in patches/? [Dusk]
- Fixed: d_aow18 was actually an MP3 file despite having .ogg file extension. [Dusk]
- Compressed a lot of sounds by converting them from FLAC and WAV to OGG, saves ~2.5 megabytes. [Dusk]
- Moved some more obituaries to LANGUAGE. Still not complete. [Dusk]
- Swapped wirea2a8 and wirea4a6 - this should fix those weird ass rotations... [Dusk]
- Fixed missing gauss charge up sound. [Dark-Slayer]
- Fixed: Berserk could use inventory items. [Dusk]
- Moved donation menu to the left a bit so that long names appear properly. [Dusk]
- Added Blox's gauss rifle sprites, which in turn are edits of FireSeraphim's edits of Shadow Warrior's Railgun. [Dusk, Dark-Slayer]
- AI marines react to stealths faster. [Thetis]
- Updated rocket soldier ai marine to reflect the current rocket soldier. [Thetis]

Author:  projectionist [ Wed Feb 15, 2012 1:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: AOW2 - r2392


Author:  projectionist [ Wed Feb 15, 2012 2:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: AOW2 - r2392

In singleplayer:

Powerup crate and 20$ item sprites in the center of AOW01 are sticking in the ground.

It doesn't remove Artillery Cannon when you resign from that class.

Seems that I'm not able to crouch.

When I pick an Orca as an invisible stealth and then eject from that mech, I remain invisible no matter if I shoot or what weapon I hold.

Author:  Artega [ Wed Feb 15, 2012 2:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: AOW2 - r2392

I got home just in time!
Ill fix up my laptop then get playing with you guys

Author:  atac [ Wed Feb 15, 2012 7:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: AOW2 - r2392

Tib rifle's explosion sprites got derped. They have the extremely old green recolors of the repairgun sprites instead.

Also, I've always wanted to ask this, but why not remove the "muzzleflash" on the chemspray? It doesn't fit. The chemspray fire sound itself doesn't loop properly, either. Not to mention the SMG looks like it's being molested by the player's hand when you fire it :c

Missile launcher seems radically different in this and sticks out like a hobo at a wedding. It's not a bad weapon by any means but it has so many features that no other gun has (reloading, recoil, aim kick, HUD effects, extremely smooth animations) that simply makes the rest of the game look primitive because it's so awesome and the rest can't compare. Until expansion is done, I think to make it more in-line with the rest of the arsenal, it'd still be a solid weapon choice even without reloading or aim kicking.

Good job on this.

Author:  Konda [ Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: AOW2 - r2392

Hopefully no other weapon will have HUD effects like that (lolrecoil). But yes, the RL finally got what it deserved for a long time. Missile launchers with target detection are high-tech and deserve to look cool. It looks like a real advanced weapon right now.

Author:  Dusk [ Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: AOW2 - r2392

Medicris wrote:
Missile launcher seems radically different in this and sticks out like a hobo at a wedding. It's not a bad weapon by any means but it has so many features that no other gun has (reloading, recoil, aim kick, HUD effects, extremely smooth animations) that simply makes the rest of the game look primitive because it's so awesome and the rest can't compare. Until expansion is done, I think to make it more in-line with the rest of the arsenal, it'd still be a solid weapon choice even without reloading or aim kicking.

Certainly doable... if the reloading isn't necessary and removing it won't hurt its balance then I can move it out. Aim kicking is something that IMO should rather be applied to the rest of the heavier weapons.

There should be zilch instances of the old chem effect sprites.. other than in the repair guns. I'll look into it..

Author:  atac [ Fri Feb 17, 2012 12:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: AOW2 - r2392

So in IRC you said you'd like to add the recoil to the heavy weapons. Just adding that here as a note, and to be frank I wouldn't mind it either for the big single shot guns, like the Artillery, Missile Launcher, Plasma Cannon and elemental grenades. Maybe the super shotgun. MAYBE. If so, not much, just for the eyecandy.

I'm almost tempted to say to buff rocket jumping a bit, to give the missile soldier a reason to pick. Also, to make the bought Artillery named "weak" like the buyable tib rifle does, so people know that the Artillery Soldier himself does the most damage. Does that sound helpful?

EDIT: Have we put "Anti-Mech" on the Guardian's card instead of "Defense"? People seem to think that it's good at defending against infantry too, which honestly is an easy mistake.

Author:  Dusk [ Fri Feb 17, 2012 6:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: AOW2 - r2392

Medicris wrote:
So in IRC you said you'd like to add the recoil to the heavy weapons. Just adding that here as a note, and to be frank I wouldn't mind it either for the big single shot guns, like the Artillery, Missile Launcher, Plasma Cannon and elemental grenades. Maybe the super shotgun. MAYBE. If so, not much, just for the eyecandy.

Yeah, SSG would be a good idea too, but to lesser degree. Maybe gatling gun and shock rifle too.

Medicris wrote:
I'm almost tempted to say to buff rocket jumping a bit, to give the missile soldier a reason to pick. Also, to make the bought Artillery named "weak" like the buyable tib rifle does, so people know that the Artillery Soldier himself does the most damage. Does that sound helpful?

I'd rather not add to the weapon clutter we already have in place. Though I agree there should be some form of distinguishing...

Medicris wrote:
EDIT: Have we put "Anti-Mech" on the Guardian's card instead of "Defense"? People seem to think that it's good at defending against infantry too, which honestly is an easy mistake.

Not yet... I'll be sure to take care of that.

Author:  atac [ Mon Feb 27, 2012 9:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: AOW2 - r2392

So after more insight and discussion with people in IRC and in-server, I'd like to present a few things they wish to bring to attention.

A popular thought is that the one single reason Utility appears to be OP now is the increasingly liberal use of sandbags to wall off every section of the base, entrance and door. Now this might not sound so bad. However, I think that the bags might have been first put in the game as a form of buildable cover, and to assist in blocking doors. Each stack of bags can also take an obscene amount of punishment because of its intended use as cover (they each have 650 HP). But now that it's simply used to wall off every path to and around the base, it makes attacking a base a usually futile effort since to get rid of them you need to expose yourself to the obelisk, turrets, miniravens, and players for a good 10 seconds to clear a path. Or just throw a c4 on them as you die that'll usually get defused anyway.

It looks like automated defense is relied upon very heavily: losing the Ob or not having enough turrets is enough to make a team crumble, because a lot of people don't know how to personally defend a base because they're not used to it. Sandbags being able to block off every blind spot isn't helping.

Proposed Solution: Reducing the amount of punishment sandbags walls can take to more reasonably playable. Limiting sandbags would probably be a bad idea. Lowering their HP a bit would probably be more or less unnoticed by the players looking for things to whine about.


Bodycount mode is said to end too suddenly. Mechs might also be worth too many tickets since a single dumb guy can easily lose the entire game for the team by being stupid with mechs.

Proposed Solution: For this reason I'm suggesting a countdown timer on the HUD to Sudden Death, and then a red timer to the end of the match by points if it doesn't end by basekill. Also lowering the amount of points for dying mechs to less trollable levels.


I've heard players tell me that the armour polarization is too strong, even if it's a step in the right direction. After playing it for a bit, I'd have to agree. For chem and fire in 2214 it's based on +50/-50% damage to each other and it's certainly extreme in gameplay (each pretty much instakills each other). In the beta, it's been bumped up to +60/-60% polarization and been applied to laser/explosive the same way. Although it makes sense on paper in actual gameplay it really only makes things easier for the high-tier players and way more frustrating to the lower-tiers. And since players can pick up each other's weapons in this game, well, you can see where that goes.

Proposed Solution: The polarization for all classes sounds good and the armour system is much easier to understand, but it looks like first implementation of it was too pronounced for comfort. Since 2214's fire/chem polars are felt tremendously ingame and are now even stronger and applied to every weapon, it could be eased to +33/-33% polarization for the classes. That way people get a bit of time to get used to it.


Players have talked incessantly about a wiki or manual to use, since the game is huge and they need a place to send newbs to instead of explaining every nuance of the game to them manually even now (like the armour system, mech effectiveness, ejecting, etc.). Even while we thought that no one would read the wiki, maybe it's because it's defunct. If we fixed it, maybe people would redirect players to it.

Proposed Solution: Qent's proposed a new AOW article/section on the ST Wiki, which I would think would be pretty nice as long as it's allowed. Offtopic is that I'd like all major online mods to have sections on the ST Wiki for convenience.

Don't know if legit or not, but even Akimbo's offered to host the wiki for us. He's said he has a few spare server machines in California to use.

<Eric>yey finished the mech section of the manual
<Eric>Medicris ^
<Medicris>See, I like this
<Medicris>if only we could do this in a more appealing format though
<Eric>yeah :/
<Medicris>since not a lot of people want to look at a notepad document
<Medicris>See what ZDwars did?
<Freedoomer>Medic :3
<Medicris>PDFs with images and formatting, and those got read
<Eric>yeah but not everyone has msword or openoffice :/
<Medicris>Even packaged with the wad
<Medicris>Maybe not. But it could have an HTML document containing the wiki or a basic gameplay manual with a LINK to the full wiki.
<Medicris>Packaged with the wad when downloaded.
<Freedoomer>Eric: If you want a document in an accessible format, use HTML.
<Medicris>that way people can always go "check the guide in your wads folder" when newbs ask for help
<Medicris>just like zdwars

For a start of at least a basic HTML gameplay manual to include with the game, we could easily edit this to apply to All Out War since so many aspects are the same.

Author:  Konda [ Mon Feb 27, 2012 10:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: AOW2 - r2392

I'd like to say something about the sandbags - I agree that their purpose was temporary cover and people don't use it the way they should, but there is a reason behind that - Laser weapons as well as the sniper rifle (which fires invisible rails IIRC) cometely defeat the purpose of sandbags because those weapons fire rails that probe through sanrbags, and there is a lot of gauss rifle spamming lately. This is the main reason why I stopped building "mini houses" (covers with ammo, health, and weapon supply) outside the base. On the other hand, these weapons are the optimal solution for killing stacked sandbags in bases. If it is possible to make actors rails can't probe through then I suggest that the utility guy should spawn the same sandbags as they are now if he builds them in base and spawn the sandbags rails can't probe through if the utility guy spawns them outside the base.

Author:  atac [ Mon Feb 27, 2012 11:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: AOW2 - r2392

Old Post wrote:
They only take 25% more damage from laser weapons. For all other weapons it takes normal damage. Yes, on paper they're "optimal" for killing bag blockades at the base entrances and around the base, but that doesn't mean it's true ingame. Utility guys have gotten more clever: they've been making each blockade's location unattackable without being in the line of sight of the Ob or things like turrets/players. Trying to clear a path means you have to be exposed to and shot at by those things for a long time, by usual you'll be detected and dealt with before a path is cleared. Basically, almost anything that can clear bag walls needs a line of sight for a long time, which most of the time, you can't get without dying first.

All in all it's just fake difficulty for any sort of feasible attack. If sandbags were removed, I don't think I'd miss them. After all, I still have my 20 high-powered turrets, 20 razors, 50 instakill mines, Obelisk of Light and 5 stealth-tracking mini-ravens helping me defend the base.

Of course the issue is map-dependent but as an overall whole, I think AOW would benefit from more easily attacked bases, especially on easily defended maps like Barrens, Oasis or Glacier.

Disregard this, Cam is right.

Author:  Cameron [ Tue Feb 28, 2012 2:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: AOW2 - r2392

There's a disconnect between the options being proposed for sandbags and what's better for the community as a whole. People constantly complain that their teammates are too dumb, or too inattentive, and yet Medicris' solution is to make what they're doing even less effective. It's underhanded and ultimately detrimental to the type of teammates you want to have.

In my opinion, the sandbags should be limited in number. 25-30 is ample enough to defend a base without making castles redesigning the map via sandbag spam. In addition to solving the actual problem--overuse of sandbags on a massive scale--it helps to create a more intelligent player base. Forcing players to more carefully dole out their resources will lead to a (slightly) more attentive and more informed community.

This is, after all, the entire basis on which RTS games are designed--the idea that managing your resources carefully and using them in the most efficient way possible will yield better performance. It's not difficult to see that logic--if you make a fort of sandbags out front, your base is undefended. It won't take too long before players realize that immortalizing their vision in sand isn't as important as making sure their bases are adequately defended.

That's my opinion on the subject, anyway.

Author:  Konda [ Tue Feb 28, 2012 7:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: AOW2 - r2392

Sandbags are too easy to kill for such a limit. If sandbags are stacked you should use a gauss rifle.

Author:  Dusk [ Tue Feb 28, 2012 9:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: AOW2 - r2392

Try using a gauss rifle in an utility fortress.

Author:  Dusk [ Sat Mar 03, 2012 1:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: AOW2 - r2392

Y'know I got a fancy idea... what if we ditched bodycount but - BUT - added its point system idea? What I'm saying is award players points for being useful to the team?

A frag could be 2 points, while refining a tiberium would yield one. Taking down a mech would be 6-8 points. C4 explosion on an enemy terminal would be worth 2 points, disarming an enemy C4 would be worth 2, same for remote C4 but with 1 point. Beacon planting (again at enemy terminals) would be worth something like 10-15 - disarming would give the same award. Repairing, medicing, utiling (specifics needed) would all yield points too.

Destroying a building would yield variable points, determined from the current scores and is crafted so to balance the scores to the team supposed to be winning. For instance, if your team has 120 points and the enemy team has 400, and you hero the war factory, you'll get the difference of points (280) + a static building destruction award of say 150, thus giving you 430 points and setting the score at 550-400 for you. :)


Author:  Blox [ Sat Mar 03, 2012 1:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: AOW2 - r2392

Interesting concept.

Except well, it shouldn't be Difference+x, but rather (Diff/2)+x, or something along the lines of that.

Author:  Dusk [ Sat Mar 03, 2012 2:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: AOW2 - r2392

I want to ensure that the team with most buildings is in the lead when the building gets destroyed. This way, for instance, the last building counts as much as the first and the right team is guaranteed to win at the end of the game.

Author:  De-M-oN [ Tue Mar 06, 2012 1:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: AOW2 - r2392

Beacon explosion should give points on exterior too.
Maybe even by made damage to the building.

For example per 10% more damage = more points.

but very interesting idea.

- Fixed: Frag grenade shrapnel used wrong sprites because of a sprite conflict. [Dusk]

That explains why it looked so strange like an exploded bush :D

- Toned down explosions (again) [Dark-Slayer]

Instead of mowing graphics further down and down you really should this optional.
I have only a GF 8800 GTX and even with that I had no problems with old full graphics of 1491 version with a resolution of 2048x1152, HQNx4 resize, and even highres texture package.
So I dont really understand what causes your lag here.
If the reductions have any other cause, let me know, but so I dont understand this why sth like that isnt optional.

Crytek didnt removed ultra and high detail due to some lower spec computers either. You can choose the graphic quality and this should be the same for AOW instead of reducing them for all people.

- Fixed: d_aow13.s3m was actually an .it. Renamed. [Dusk]

If you export it from UnrealED it is a s3m file.

- Mechs can now get ammo from repair facility even when they're at full health. [Dusk]

Finally! Thank you so much for this !!
On 2214 I even couldnt selfdamage my mech and so I had to eject, just to get ammo into my mech, that was time intensive.
Ty for fixing this.

- Stealth speed reduced from 1.05 to 0.95. [Dusk, Eric]

Why? Was it really necessary? Stealth Trooper has weak armor, the laser rifle is relatively weak and so on.

Oh and I would like to ask something:

You want less Plasma Cannon in buildings? But how should I defend the beacon well?

Atm there is with this really a little problem. Especially with much players on server.

All the other weapons arent well enough to defend the beacon because too low damage (not enough at least for the weak hitpoints of stealth trooper and the amount of offense you usually get when you've planted a beacon. You have at small area in a building from several doors enemy contact. These pea shooters cant hold this.
But Plasma Cannon cant do this too anymore well - very dangerous selfdamage with very big radius. But what does the enemy? He just wants to kill you (he simply doesn't have to care about if he dies to kill you) , so he also comes with Plasma Cannon to you into building and lots of other guns which you dont have or just not the good ones, because you start off with dangerous plasma cannon and weak laser rifle and your weak armor.
Any recommendation to have A LITTLE chance? especially when there are much players on server?
The only hope atm is to lay c4 around the beacon, wait until they see you or begin to disarm and leave the building and try to hit them by shooting plasma cannon into the building - but thats evil hard if you have many players and lots of turrets around.
Any tip for this would be nice.
So I see many matches very often only ending by Sudden Death Mode in these newer Versions.
Of course there are still many times where a beacon successes. I dont say its impossible ;) And yes it shouldnt be easy too. But a little more chance.
But I rather see now an another nerf to stealths if you make them slower.
Damn its hard to explain things well if english isnt your mother language :(

But so far many positive changes in your changelog.

But I dont know if I like the change that selfheal is now at inventory. I liked here the direct access with the weapon key.

Ah and to the wiki discussion:

I really like to see the amount of damage every weapon does with and without upgrades and so on (or base damage, but then tell which base damage weak weapon and class weapon and how much damage is increased by upgrade/s)

Same with Mech Weapons and also radius for projectiles etc would be interesting.

Simply some statistic for each weapon would be very nice.
Also on changelogs: Please say from what to what you've changed damages if you do so. And update the wiki statistics (if we have it in future) too.

And a little suggestion to sandbags:

How about recoloring them to white and rename them concrete wall?
I mean that would fit better than sandbags if they have 650 Health and do explode.^^

Author:  atac [ Tue Mar 06, 2012 4:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: AOW2 - r2392

As for graphics, you must understand that other Skulltaggers also play in software mode due to performance, preference or technical reasons. The explosions use a very high amount of recursive alpha blending, which the software engine doesn't like. Though you may be one of the minority who have no problem with the game, it is still Doom in the end and is not designed to display things we are making it do. A majority of players send complaints about the lag explosions give, and ignoring all of them them would be callous and irresponsible to the playerbase. I won't argue further on that because you and only you have said a thing about optimizing the graphics. Everyone else went "oh god thank you".

As for the graphics changing cvar, I imagine it would just cause wad bloating for a feature I don't think 99% of the players will use.

For Stealth's speed, who knows. I'm neutral about it.

Plasma Cannon? I think you misunderstand, I'm pretty sure they're talking about everyone buying plasma cannons, using an ammo cache, and holding M1 at a building from across the map during SD. As for that, I'm neutral, but I agree it's a pretty damn boring and anticlimactic way to win/lose a match.

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