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[Addressed] Buffing or Removing the Grenade Launcher 
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Post [Addressed] Buffing or Removing the Grenade Launcher
This is my proposal for either removing the grenade launcher or buffing it. As of now, it is overshadowed by other varients that does its job better.
The grenade launcher is used in situations where:

• The player has a height advantage in which bouncing grenades can be used
• Short range explosive combat
• You want to spam something

Right now, the competitors against these grenade launchers are the bazookas, frag grenades and Mass Driver. Also, since they are slow with explosive resistance, they often get raped by laser chaingunners or laser rifles about.

The frag grenades are not as easily spotted as well as being more lethal and more diverse (as in they can bounce several times). The GLs fall flat here as the bouncing grenade can only bounce twice (correct me if I'm wrong) and having an extremely strong force of gravity.

The mass driver (projectile) is faster and does more damage (I believe so) than the GLs in addition to raping mechs and mass driver jumping, where the grenades can do neither. The mass driver projectile also spawns fire which can occasionally be used as a little DOT area while having a big explosive radius. Moreover, they can be purchased and combined with any class. Again, the GL's fall short here.

The bazooka isn't much better, but the rocket jumping has made this class much faster and stronger. The bazookas have a homing effect with a strong explosive radius and are more subtle than bright grenades with a smoke trail. Also, they look cooler. Somewhat similar to the mass driver, the bazooka is provided to the Commando, who is already pretty fast.

My suggestions (on the spot)

• Removal.
• Make it included with another class.
• Decrease gravity on Alt fire and making it bounce more
• Leave ammo count at 40 (from here)

I know that decorate or whatever might prove me wrong, but a majority of the the player base stick to the 3 alternatives.

tl;dr? Mass Driver, Bazookas, Frag Grenades > Grenade Launchers.


Sun May 13, 2012 4:28 am
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Post Re: Buffing or Removing the Grenade Launcher
Frag grenades are very situational (and risky to use as a weapon), and the grenade launcher makes a nice spam weapon.

Though I'd agree on buffing it's gravity (AKA reducing it), and making the bouncy grenades bounce some more. (I mean one bounce? Whose idea was that?)

I never found a problem with ammo for it though, since I usually pick up some ammo by the time I meet someone.

Sun May 13, 2012 7:59 am

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Post Re: Buffing or Removing the Grenade Launcher
IMO, the nade launcher needs a redesigning. In its current state, it's useless, if you buff it, it becomes spammable.

I'd say, rid the alt-fire, reduce the firing speed by 50%, buff the nade strength and give them 2 bounces. Alt-fire could be a cluster grenade. ;)

Sun May 13, 2012 10:28 am
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Post Re: Buffing or Removing the Grenade Launcher
What if the projectiles made by the grenade launcher acted somewhat like frag grenades, being a defensive weapon to lob grenades around corners and into groups of players, and rooting out people behind cover?

Of course the difference between these grenades and the hand grenades would be that these ones explode on impact with enemies and won't make shrapnel. Otherwise, they're timed grenades with powerful explosions, instead of rapid-firing impact-fuse small explosions.

Think like... Quake 3's grenade launcher? I dunno.

Video example

Sun May 13, 2012 8:07 pm

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Post Re: [Addressed] Buffing or Removing the Grenade Launcher
Apparently the grenade launcher's gameplay has been drastically changed by now.

Fri Nov 02, 2012 2:24 am
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