All Out War 2
All Out War 2 is a mod created by the Skulltag community, originally under the umbrella of VoltlocK (who also went under the name of ant1991331 during the development of the original All Out War mod).

It was later developed by many Skulltag staff members, along with forum regulars. Recently, the Omega Team dumped AOW2 in favor of a new project, codenamed R2, but some members remain to develop AOW2. The Omega Project team accepts all people of all talents, regardless of their status in Skulltag.

You want to help us? Sign up on our forum and let us know!

If you're coming from the Skulltag forum:

Bans do not carry over to this forum, and being a development forum our moderation policies are slightly different (actually, they're more strict). THERE IS NO PURGATORY! If you screw up, you will be banned. (nota bene: don't be an idiot and you'll be fine.)

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