All Out War 2
Console Commands
Do note, this is quite outdated, a bunch of newer commands are not listed here and some removed ones remain

Server RCON commands:

aow_suddendeathtime: (60) This tells the game how long before sudden death begins, in minutes. Must be at least 5.
aow_maxcannonsperteam: (4) This puts a cap on how many team mates per team can carry a plasma cannon. Note that drops and crates can bypass this limit but will still be counted towards the total - its sole purpose is to mitigate spam. Set to -1 to disable.
aow_plasmapurchasedelay: (5) This tells the game, in minutes, how long a player must wait after game start, and after his last purchase, before he can buy a new cannon. This is another way to mitigate plasma spam. Set to -1 to disable.
aow_teamstaytime: (2) This tells the game the number of minutes before a player is "secure" in their team. A higher value means a player is open to team balancing, and can be switched if another player leaves the other team. This can change dynamically - setting a higher value will force people who already were, at one time, "secure" in their old team.
aow_ticketpool: (0) Setting this to 1 will enable always limited lives, similar to Sudden Death, but buildings can still be repaired.
aow_jugglimit: (2) This is the maximum number of juggernauts per team. Note that crates can go past this limit but will still be counted toward the total.
aow_repairbonus: (2) How many credits you will get per hit of the repair gun on an injured building. Buildings must be repaired from the inside to receive this bonus.
aow_bonustime: (5) Every this many minutes, the game awards all active players a bonus. The amount is specified in the next variable. This is particularly useful to players who no longer have a refinery.
aow_bonusamount: (300) How many credits is awarded for every lapsed time specified above.
aow_creditfrag: (50) How many credits you get for killing an enemy player.
aow_credflow: (4) As long as you have your refinery and research centre, this is how many credits per second you will receive.
aow_powercredflow: (1) Deprecated If you have a refinery but no research centre, this is variable used to tell how many credits per second you will receive. No longer has any effect on the game.
aow_tickets: (100) This value is assigned to each team at the start of a match, so it must be set prior to starting a game. This is how many tickets you will have if "aow_ticketpool" is turned on, or if Sudden Death occurs.
aow_freeze: (0) Deprecated In the old team balancing system, this used to specify that the game would freeze when team balance was off. This CVAR is no longer used.
aow_mechs: (1) This is set at the start of every map - it determines, for this round, whether players are allowed to use mechs. Note that Juggernaut crates are still allowed if this is disabled.
aow_startcredits: (300) This is how many credits players will start with at the beginning of every match, and when joining the game.
aow_tournamentmode: (0) Please see this thread for more information.
aow_disablemechs: (0) When enabled, globally disables mechs on all maps.
aow_beaconpurchasedelay: (5) This tells the game, in minutes, how long a player must wait after game start, and after his team's last purchase, before he can buy a new superweapon beacon (Ion Cannon / Nuke). Set to -1 to disable.
aow_timecoppurchasedelay: (5) This is the delay players must wait from the start of the game and between time cop purchases. Set to -1 to disable.
aow_maxtimecopsperteam: (2) This is the maximum number of players per team that may use time cop. Time gun crates do not affect this limit for a team. Set to -1 to disable.
aow_cooldown: (2) Cooldown - in minutes - for mechs and plasma cannon. Light mechs use this value as bare in minutes, heavy mechs and plasma cannon use 1.5x (= 3 minutes by default)

playerinfo: Gives player IDX numbers, useful for the following commands (is required since RCON does not pass the caller# to the script)
gamemaster <#>: Must specify a player #. This turns a player into an "admin". This is considered a cheat if used improperly. This command is for fixing live bugs in a match, and is normally used in conjunction with some debug 'pukes.' Use this only if necessary.
forcered <#>: Must specify player #. This will force a player onto the red team. He will resign his class and spawn in their team selection room, and will not be team switched. Useful for abusive players that like to "spectate and join" to the winning team - also useful for game masters who need to access a certain team's spawn rooms to fix problems (but the game master will need to enable GM mode again after switching).
forceblue <#>: Same as above, but works for the blue team instead.
tournamentmode: Please see this thread for more information.

Useful Player commands

DonationMenu: This is normally attached to a bind, it will pop up the donation window, useful for the next two commands.
DonationName: Cycles through all players on your team to give credits to.
DonationGive: Gives $100 credits to the selected player. You must be able to afford this in order to have any effect.
Surrender: This calls for a surrender of your team. Note that a majority of players on your team must also call for a surrender in order for the surrender to take effect. After this happens, your base will be destroyed and the other team will win.
AOWHelp: Tells you how to play the game. If you already know, then you probably don't want to use this, because it lasts a few minutes.
MechCrouch: This is usually attached to a bind - it will put your mech in "crouch mode" where it will be immobile but will receive less damage.
SpectatorTeleport: This can only be used as a spectator - it will teleport you in-field.

Game Master commands
These commands can only be accessed after having been "gamemaster"ed through the server console. These commands are used locally, so you do not use "rcon" to activate them.

a_warp <x> <y>: - This command will warp you to the given map x/y coordinates. The spot must be "free" - i.e. there cannot be any obstructions or obstacles or the warp will fail. It will also not warp you into the void.
a_teleport <#>: Teleports to the teleport destination specified. For example, to enter the spawn rooms, use 70/71, to enter the field, use 1/2.
a_crate <#>: Pukes script 309, useful for testing certain crate effects.
a_givecredits <#>: Gives you # credits - can be a negative amount.
a_giveexp <#>: Gives you # experience - can be a negative amount. Currently cannot "unlevel", however.
a_insanity: Turns you insane.
a_resign: Instantly resigns you and teleports you to the start room.
a_givebeacon: Gives you a beacon for your team.
a_admin: Toggles the "admin" morph on and off.
a_team <#>: Raw "changeteam" command, currently # can only be 0 or 1, but passes any number to the engine - for debugging purposes.
a_forcered: Changes you to the red team without resigning.
a_forceblue: Changes you to the blue team without resigning.
a_utility: Gives you utility guns.
a_speed <#>: Changes your speed. 100 is normal speed.

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